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If Faster Cyclists are Safer Cyclists, E-Cyclists are the Safest

Safety is the Number One Reason to Convert Your Bike to an E-bike   As cyclists, safety is always a major concern on the road. Unlike cars, bicycles have no frame or airbags to protect their riders during collisions. Cyclists are vulnerable in a way motorists don’t have to worry about, the ultimate protection is [...]

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More E-Bikes on the Road Means More Bikes on the Road

In recent months, reports of e-bike cyclists conflicting with pedestrians and other cyclists have been mounting. For example, cycling website cycle-space.com published an article called 4 Things to Hate about E-bikes,[i] or, this article from dailymail.co.uk[ii] describes how a woman walking her dog accosts an e-bike cyclist on his way to a doctor’s appointment.   [...]

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