NY Times Article About Pedelecs Health Benefits

The Surprising Health Benefits of an Electric Bike ByGRETCHEN REYNOLDSJULY 6, 2016 Getty Images Gretchen Reynolds on the science of fitness. In the Tour de France, equipping your bike with a small electric motor is called mechanical doping, and is considered cheating. But for the rest of us, an electrified bicycle might be a [...]

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EbikeBC incentive for HUB members

HUB Cycling is a member-based charitable non-profit organization, originally established in 1998 to improve cycling conditions in Metro Vancouver. Since then, HUB has impacted infrastructure, educated thousands of children and adults and motivated thousands more. EbikeBC offers incentives to HUB members who want to expand the usability of their existing bicycle by adding on the e-assist system. Join HUB [...]

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How much fuel saved using electric bikes worldwide since 2000?

There have been around 300,000 electric bikes worldwide in 2000 and It is said to be more than 200,000,000 electric bikes in 2015. Each electric bike is assumed to travel 10km/day for 100days a year. The average Km travelled by ebikes from 2000 to 2015 is calculated this way: 200,000,000 x 10km x 100days x 15/2 [...]

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EbikeBC Vs Bionx, Bosch, Stromer ebikes

In order to have a better understanding of EbikeBC conversion kits features and specifications compared with other pioneer brands such as Bionx, Bocsh or Stromer electric bikes, we have selected certain product models of each and collected brochure information in bellow table chart. We have tried to standardize the test condition for all 4 brands [...]

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