EBikeBC Will Be At the 2020 BC Bike Show

This week EbikeBC is participating in the annual BC Bike Show where we will showcase some of our latest ebikes. This includes the ENVO D35 2020 and some of our upcoming vehicles such as the Electric Snowbike and the Snowkart. The ENVO D35 is our flagship ebike that uses a high-tech geared hub motor and [...]

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The Pros and Cons of an Electric Fat Bike

The rebirth of bicycle transportation as a primary means of commute thanks to the addition of electric motor components was inevitably going to inspire more innovation. Not surprisingly most of these innovations are geared towards more specialized applications of bicycles and their ebike offsprings. Everything from compact folding bikes for inner city use to electric [...]

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Less is More: 6 Reasons Your E-bike Motor Should be 500W or Less

Nearly every retail electric bicycle and ebike conversion kit is listed at a specific power level, such as a “500 watt electric bike” or a “250 watt ebike conversion kit”, yet often this power rating is misleading. When it comes to choosing a motor for your e-bike, bigger isn’t always better. Traditional motors range from [...]

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The Difference Between Mid Drive and Hub Drive Motors

Electric bikes are one of the fastest growing modes of transportation and it’s not hard to see why. They help riders go faster, further and longer. Because of their recent popularity, there are a wide range of styles, motor and price points from which riders can choose to suit their needs. But there might also [...]

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A Victoria Student Fined For Riding Without Ebike Insurance

A Victoria college student is frustrated after purchasing an electric bike last summer and received two tickets resulting in about $600 in fines - tickets that were given in error. With the increased popularity of ebikes, there is some confusion around the rules and regulations. Although there is no requirement for ebike riders to get [...]

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Freezing Arctic air has swept across most of Western Canada, delivering extreme cold to much of Saskatchewan, Alberta, and most uncharacteristically, much of British Columbia. Deep in winter, with delays in public transit, cars sliding everywhere, it might be a good time to look for alternative transportation. The ENVO snow bike is a pedal-assist [...]

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EbikeBC Electric Bike Store in Victoria BC

We are proud to inform you that February of 2020, The new EbikeBC electric bike and conversion kits branch will open in downtown Victoria, BC, to serve the people of beautiful Vancouver Island. The new ebike store and showroom located at 639 Johnson street, downtown Victoria, brings us closer to Victorians and surrounding areas such [...]

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Best Electric Bikes in Canada For 2020

Electric bikes exploded in popularity last year and are expected to trend throughout 2020 as well. It wasn’t too long ago when there were only a small handful of styles to choose from – but in just under a year, ebike designs have drastically changed, giving us fun in variety. You can find electronic [...]

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Electric Scooter Center In Vancouver Lower Mainland

EbikeBC is now offering e-scooters online or in-store in the following 6 categories: Kick scooters, Self-balance scooters, Hover-boards, electric skateboards, Unicycles and electric Go-Kart. Scooter brands selection includes Ninebot, Segway, Zero, Airwheel, Inmotion, KingSong and Smart. We at EbikeBC are very conservative about quality and service-ability of the products. In order to provide a versatile [...]

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ENVO Electric SnowKart Successfully Tested

We successfully tested the new ENVO electric SnowKart. This mini snowmobile is zero emission, silent, light and transportable for family fun, adaptive snow sports and winter resorts rental applications. One of the latest challenges was the rough, icy slushy snow.  Thankfully the dynamic behaviour and stability of the little vehicle helps grip the ice. Now [...]

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