12 Best Electric Bikes for 2022: Ebikes for Any Budget and Riding Style

12 Best Electric Bikes for 2022 In the last few years, electric bikes have increased in popularity and are here to stay for 2022. The pandemic and climate change have encouraged many of us to rethink how we go about our daily lives. The appeal of electric bikes is that there is something for [...]

The best electric bikes: e-bikes for any budget and terrain

What are the best electric bikes? With all the electric bikes coming into the market it can be hard to choose the best electric bike for you. There is no "one size fits all" bike because there are so many different kinds! We decided to create a list of the best electric bikes for [...]

Urban electric Bike | Best urban electric bikes of 2021 |eBikeBC

Even though the urban electric bike industry is relatively new on the market, it does not stop people from getting their hands on one for themselves. Not only are e-bikes highly cost-effective for transportation, but they are also eco-friendly and perfect for people looking for a leisurely hobby or looking like a new [...]

Why ENVO D35 is Among the Best eBikes in Canada

In our previous blog, our team introduced a scoring parameter template that encompassed 14 various categories that would assist our readers in comparing the different and best electric bike Canada. However, we understand that it may still be difficult for readers to evaluate electric bikes without having done so before. Therefore, we have [...]

Step through electric bike | What are the best step thru electric bikes in 2021?

It is not uncommon for buyers who are looking to purchase their first step through electric bike (also referred to as step-thru electric bike) to come across challenges when making their decision. With so many features and parameters to compare, many can find themselves overwhelmed, leading them to make the wrong decision. Therefore, [...]

How to choose the best electric bike | The Complete e-bike Buying Guide

While electric mobility and the electric bike industry are still relatively new compared to other transportation sectors of the economy, the buzz around e-bikes has started to gain traction in the last year –and rightfully so. With many people now wishing to purchase their bike, it is essential to understand the basics of [...]

Why You Should Choose an E-bike Over a Bike (Without Shame)

There are a lot of reasons to buy an e-bike that make them a worthwhile investment. Many purists claim electric bikes are for lazy people or that using pedal assist is cheating, but there’s room on the roads for both. The majority of cyclists welcome innovation and more riders. Using e-bikes and regular bikes is [...]

ENVO D35 2020 Review by Paul Brodie

Paul Brodie Paul Brodie is founder and former owner of Brodie Bikes, with over 35 years of expertise in designing and building bicycle frames. His sloping-top tube frame mountain bike frame is famous in Canada. Paul has dedicated his life to building unique hand-made bicycles and motorcycles. Some of his creations, such as the award-winning Whippet [...]

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