EbikeBC participated in the annual BC Bike Show where they showcased some of their latest ebikes. Plenty of people dropped by and there was especially some interest in the two new products they are going to be launching soon, the SnowKart and the Snowbike.


ENVO D35 2020

The ENVO D35 is our flagship ebike that uses a high-tech geared hub motor and offers 60Nm of torque, giving you 50% more traction on hills. It weights 22kg including battery, rack, and metal fenders. ENVO is the second gen of ENVO e-bikes engineered specifically for Canadian riders. The bike is specially engineered for BC’s steep hills, Alberta’s freezing temperatures, the Maritimes’ chill wind, and Ontario’s lengthy commutes.

ENVO SnowKart

The snowkart was first developed in 2018 and was successfully tested using a centralized motor and steel tack last year. It has more flexible suspension, adjustable dimensions, independent e-brake for each track and a safer rubber tracks. The Beta version is available for pre-orders to rental fleets for winter snow tourism and sports.


ENVO Snowbike Kit

The snowbike kit comes as a conversion kit for regular mountain bikes, allowing you to use your ebike all year around, no matter the weather conditions. The kit includes a snow track with an integrated hub motor controller system and interface. The snow track attaches to the rear fork and the snowboard to the front fork.