ENVO D35 and ENVO ST Pre-orders update (June 10th 2020)

Dear EbikeBC Valued Customer,

This update is with regard to customers pre-orders and back-orders on ENVO eBikes, which were made on our website (EbikeBC) last month (May 2020).

What Happened?

The inevitable global Covid-19 impact on our frame supplier operation has caused delays on our product assembly process, which resulted in those ebikes’ delivery to be postponed.

As you might know, this is a common issue across the industry, and almost all manufacturers or suppliers in the bike manufacturing or parts supply sectors have been facing similar disruption.

In our case, the source of the delay has been Shimano bicycle standard parts, which is a Japanese monopoly. Although we managed to hire two alternative facilities to manufacture our aluminum frames, neither did fully remove the risk of delay.

What We have done so far?

We want to ensure you that we are trying everything in our power and our utmost to minimize the delay and to reduce your trouble. We have equipped our departments with more staff to minimize this delay’s impact on our assembly and fulfillment process, in the next few weeks. We are using all of our capacity to guarantee delivery of all orders including ENVO D35 and ENVO ST models by mid July.


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  1. James June 28, 2020 at 11:21 pm - Reply

    Can we get another update at the end of the month? (June). Very excited for my D35, and okay with the wait, but it would be nice to have more frequent updates to provide your consumers more transparency.

    • EbikeBC June 29, 2020 at 6:53 pm - Reply

      First of all thank you for all your patience and support.

      Our most recent updates on delivery of frames and production is as following:
      We are now more confident that we can deliver all 18inch size(galactic color) ordered before June 20th and all ENVO D35 20inch (no matter when ordered) by July 20th.
      ENVO D35 18inch galactic color ordered after June 20th and all 18inch and 16inch (Teal color) as well as ENVO ST ebikes will be delivered by July 30th.

      Sincerely EbikeBC Team

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