What are the Cons and pros of front hub motor to a rear hub motor?

A: We have rear options as well as front, but 95% of customers choose front and that is because of easy installation and maintenance. Our 350w and 500W geared hub motors are only 2.7kg and 3.3kg. There is no gyro effect on the handling; unlike direct hub motors which are bigger and heavier. So why not selecting the easy to install and prevent transmission adjustment headaches?
Front hub motors are performing better on slippery road like snow. If you don’t have any specific reason, don’t go for the rear hub neither a generativemid-drive motor.

We have up to 9spd freewheels in stock. You can order us the rear wheel with the freewheel of same number of speed. (freewheel price is extra)
It may take some time to put spacers and adjust the axle spacing and derailleur adjustment and needs more patience from the bike mechanic if using a rear hub motor.

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