How does EbikeBC geared motor perform when un-powered and using as regular bike?

Our geared motors have an internal clutch which is automatically released when motor is not in use. Therefore unlike Bionx which has a slight cogging torque and noise, there is no drag or noise at all when freewheeling.

Does EbikeBC geared hub motor support regenerative braking
Motor/controller options are provided for regenerative braking but infrequent braking and the low mass of bicycles limits recovered energy. It only makes sense for the frequent long up-hill/ down-hill travels; not to regenerate and recharge the battery, which at best it can increase the range 10%, but to save bicycle brake pads and better bike speed controls.

This option in our geared hub motors have a tiny disadvantage that the motor clutch is always engaged, even if there is not a request for assist power. There will be nearly unrecognizable noise and resistance for the rider when riding as normal 

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