How noisy is EbikeBC geared motor kit -motor? How do you compare the noise with BionX?

A: Generally when ebike motors are in use, there is a slight noise which is partially a matter of controller switching, partially from magnets cogging and partially from the gears. Our controllers are “sign wave” to minimize the electric switching noise, the geared hub motors have a higher rotational speed so the cogging noise is less noticeable and the gears are Nylon with 20% increased width from the original design to eliminate the gears wear and backlash. The motor noise varies by the load and speed, however it is not noticeable compared to the noise of a mountain bike 2.1in thick tire on the pavement.
you can check the real sound of our motors in some of our or customers’ videos:
BionX as the best engineered known direct hub motor is a little more silent at working condition.

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