What is the difference between 350W vs 500W?

350W provides 60Nm and 500W peak power enough toques and power for your 10% uphill climbing in pedal assist mode for an 80Kg rider. Don’t expect an ebike climbing up hills fast without pedaling. 500W provides 80Nm enough to climb 15% grade for 80kg rider and power up to 750W. You will have more performance [...]

What would you suggest for the control system? LED or LCD? 

LED shows the charge level, On-Off and Level of assist selection. LCD has lots of features and settings including: Speed, Distance, Time, ODO, Charge, level of assist, battery Voltage, real time power, ambient temperature, security password, cruise control, back lighted, headlight control, power limit setting, speed limit setting, etc.  One important advantage of the LCD [...]

What tire size does the rim coming with hub motor take?

The rim we use is an oval section black double walled alloy rim, stronger than regular rims using 2.6mm chrome spokes. The rim has pad brake tracks and the wheel supports both rim and disk brake. The tire can be 20in, 24in, 26in, 27.5in, 28in-700C-29er by 25mm or 1in up to 2.3in

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