Why sticking to 350W to 500W once others offer 1000W, 3000W or 6000W electric bike systems?

Besides by-law limitations for street legal maximum 500W power, There are many engineering and safety reasons behind sizing a motor power on a bicycle, no matter if this is a factory made bicycle or a retrofit conversion project. 3000W, 1500W, 1000W, 750W motors are not street legal and are too powerful and heavy for bicycles. [...]

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Can I put my eBike on a car rack?

Yes, Our products typically add 6-7Kg (13-16 lbs) to the weight of bike. Also you have the option to remove the battery elimination 3-4kg of the weight when putting your electric bike on a car rack.

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Does the electric bike recharge by pedaling?

Is the hardware available to recharge the ebike by pedaling? Yes. Is it possible to recharge by pedaling? No; and the reason is regeneration demands heavy push to pedal which is exhausting. Regeneration only makes sense when you use the kinetic energy of a bike in breaking or descending a downhill which at best it [...]

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