Do you offer event sales or off-season discounts?

We are good at inventory management and always watch for production date of Li-Ion batteries in stock. We never keep products in stock for long and we typically don’t have aged or out of fashion goods to put on sale. On the other hand, we are keeping the sales margin as low as possible whole [...]

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Do you offer help, parts or repair service for electric bikes purchased elsewhere or from other brands?

We will try to be a help. Technically we can replace, refurbish or repair Electric bike Li-Ion batteries of any brand. You need to share details such as Voltage, Capacity in Ah, shape and size of battery. For motor and controller issues you need to contact us and share details. Sometimes the labor wouldn’t be [...]

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How can I compare electric bikes on your website?

We try to make decision making process as simple as possible. You can start with style and look of the ebikes, then read through specs and options. Some products are customizable for some specs or features. In the end if you have special concerns, questions or comments before ordering you are welcome to contact us.

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How long will my order take to arrive?

In general everything will be shipped from Vancouver local inventory. It takes 1 to 3 business days for orders to be processed, tested, packed and picked up by curriers. To US Destinations: Delivery in 4 — 6 days To Canada Destinations: Local (British Columbia) — 1-2 days Canada central and West — up to 3 [...]

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How much is the shipping cost to my address if I order online?

Some products like conversion kits are offered free-shipping throughout US and Canada. A flat charge of 99C$ applies for Canada-wide delivery of electric bikes. Electric bikes to US may require up to 69C$ more; we will contact you in the event of such an increase in shipping cost. Parts and spares including sensors, controllers, batteries [...]

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