ENVO Flex Overland
ENVO Flex Overland
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Fat tire electric bike - flex overland
Fat tire electric bike - flex overland - front view
Fat tire electric bike - flex overland - back view
Foldable Cargo ebike

ENVO Flex Overland

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ENVO Flex Overland

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Size Chart

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ENVO Flex Overland

The Flex Overland, engineered in Canada, is a tough and powerful off-roading and cargo fat tire eBike with foldable aluminium unisex and unisize step-thru design frame and dual battery option. The proprietary rear hub provides up to 1000W of power and 50km/h of speed (limited from the controller to 500W and 32Km/h to also be street-legal, helping you to climb even the steepest of slopes and carry your cargo up to 400lbs with ease.

ENVO experts designed this fat tire bike with one of the lowest Q factors possible for smooth riding. You can also ride 240km per charge with the dual battery option (1680Wh) and discover locations you've never rode before. It can also easily carry a second person on the rack and features foot rest portions so the second rider feels comfortable. Alternatively, you can attach two child seats to the rear rack and invite your children to participate in the fun. With all these extra features, Overland is still lighter than competitors.

32KG (70.5lbs)

Total Weight


Max Power

120 N.m

Max Torque

180Kg (400lbs)

Payload Capacity

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North America's Longest Range

The Flex Overland's ENVO Lizard Battery (48V, 17.5 A.h) offers a range of more than 120 km on pedal assist level 1 and up to 50 km on level 5. To have the longest range in the market, you can ride roughly 240Km per charge with a dual battery with the total capacity of 1680 Wh (both electrically connected to the controller). The ENVO Battery is an A-grade branded Li-Ion battery made up of LG or Panasonic Li-Ion cells with a BMS that protects the battery from overcharging, overloading, and other potentially dangerous actions, extending its cyclic and calendar life. Battery cells have been chosen to perform well in frigid temperatures.

Convertible to Flex Snowbike

A further benefit of the Flex Overland is that you can modify two items utilising the same platform. The Overland can be simply converted into the Flex SnowBike using modular design components, providing the outdoor enthusiast a winter choice that is light and portable.


The Flex is created with a sturdy, lightweight, foldable, and unisex hydro-formed aluminium alloy frame that can accommodate riders ranging in height from 4'11" to 6'5". It can handle up to 400 pounds of weight and has a step-thru design that makes it simple for the rider to get on and off. The frame is particularly built to reduce any vibrations and noise from the drive-system, with the appropriate wheelbase for a fast and comfortable ride on both paved and dirt terrain.

High Load Capacity

Envo Flex Overland is designed in British Columbia to meet the cargo mobility demands of North American riders with its strong high-torque assist system and will never let you down on steep climbs. Two passengers can comfortably ride the bike, and the second passenger has ample room to sit on the spacious rack seat. You may also attach two kid seats and invite your children along for the adventure.

Street-Legal & Off-Roading

Having an Envo Flex Overland demonstrates a life full of adventures! Thanks to the power of motor and range of its battery, as well as the dual battery option, it can carry you somewhere you've never been before. Off-roading anxiety is combined with city riding conveniences by regulating the controller's power at 500W and 32km/h of speed, while the maximum power is 1000W for off-road excursions. You will be certain to immerse yourself in the adventure and be worry-free about the journey back.

Technical Details

What Makes Flex Overland eBike The Best In Its Class

Powerful Geared Motor Hub

ENVO FLEX Overland has a sealed, powerful, maintenance-free geared hub motor with 1000W power and 120Nm torque. The motors are constructed effectively, so they are lighter than the majority of powered geared hub motors in Canada while yet delivering great torque and efficiency. These ENVO motors are designed to travel over 20,000 km without requiring maintenance.

E-Assist System

The ENVO Flex is equipped with an advanced pedal-assist sensor and enhanced torque emulation software. The innovative torque-emulating Pedal Assist Sensor (PAS) prompts the controller to switch the motor between 5 levels of pedal assist, offering a boost to your pedaling based on the degree of assistance you pick while riding. The ENVO Flex has an on-demand thumb throttle that provides an extra boost by activating the motor according to the twist, regardless of whether you are pedaling, to provide a completely electric ride if you are unable to pedal or want an instant acceleration or uphill push.

Hydraulic Disk Brake

Top-tier hydraulic disc brakes with electronic cut-off sensors increase the safety of both the bike and the rider. When you apply the brakes, the electronic sensor cuts off all power to the motor, allowing the bike to brake faster and stop in a shorter distance rather than allowing two opposing forces to act in opposite directions.

Reliable Transmission System

A well-engineered 52T chain ring and 6 speed 11-32 teeth cassette gearbox will enable you face up to 25% slope while climbing a hill on gear 1 or 40km/h speed on gear 6 with gently pedalling.


Adjustable pre-load, lockable suspension fork with 80mm of travel adds to high-speed stability and handling on trails and asphalt. It reduces the shocks to the frame and battery system and provides ultimate comfort.

Adjustable Stem

The FLEX Overland has an adjustable high rise handlebar, which allows the user to fine-tune their ergonomics and pick an ideal pedalling position.

Fat Cushion Tires

The Flex Overland is outfitted with 20-inch off-road type fat tyres. These thick tyres provide sufficient cushion to increase riding comfort, dynamic manoeuvrability, and handling in a variety of terrains. Tires are fat and knobby enough to provide excellent traction on wet cement, asphalt, dirt, or gravel trails while producing minimal noise and drag on routine urban paved rides.


The FLEX Overland is fitted with high efficiency and bright LED headlight powered by the main battery and controlled by a keypad on the handlebar.


Taillight and reflector provide more safety riding in the dark. It powers up once the headlight is switched on. These taillights also double as brake light, turning on when brake is applied.


The unisex saddles, professionally designed with cuts and curves for high performance pedaling, and wide enough for long upright cruises, are the most relaxing, cushion saddles with ultimate comfort and style for all riders.


ENVO Flex comes with a specially designed cargo rear rack with rating of 150 lbs weight and capable of fitting two child seats. The rear rack comes with a cushion allowing a second adult to ride on the e-bike.

  • Spécifications Flex Overland

    Électronique - Moyeu arrière

    La batterie 48V, 17.5Ah
    Manette 48V, 1000W
    Affichage Écran LCD avec compteur de vitesse, compteur kilométrique, indicateur d'assistance au pédalage, etc.
    Moteur de moyeu 1000W
    Lumières Frein déclenché Rétroéclairage
    Assistance à la pédale Assistance de pédale à 5 niveaux

    Câblage résistant à l'eau

    Composants mécaniques

    Freins Frein à disque hydraulique
    Matériau des plaquettes de frein Tampon en céramique
    Disques de frein 180mm
    Manivelle 52T, manivelle de 170 mm
    Dérailleur 8 vitesses
    Ailes Devant et derrière
    Cadre Cadre en aluminium pliable 6061
    Fourchette Fourche suspendue
    Roue libre 11-32T
    Guidon Guidon V Lowride
    Supports Porte-bagages arrière et avant
    Selle Selle ergonomique avec tige de selle à suspension

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    Tableau des tailles de vélo électrique Flex Overland


  • Tableau des tailles Flex Overland

    Tableau des tailles de vélo électrique Flex Overland


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