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An electrical bicycle, or an ebike, is like an ordinary bike with an electrical motor. With an ebike you get all the benefits of riding a bicycle but with added versatility. The motor powers the bike, extending your range and boosts your capabilities. An ebike is an easy mode of transportation for work or for recreational activity. The motor will give the bike extra power depending on the assist level selected. It is different from an electric moped or scooter since the rider has the ability to control the intensity of the pedalling by selecting the level of assist.

EbikeBC has a large inventory of ebikes for any type of rider enthusiast. From ultra-light folding ebikes to high performance mountain ebikes, our products are well engineered, reliable and durable which will give you fun and convenience for years to come. Throttle function as power on demand mode is available on some versions.

“RIDE CLEAN”, “GET LEAN”, and “GO GREEN” with EbikeBC.

Whether you want to use your ebike for pleasure, sports, mountain biking or your daily commutes, we have a variety of ebike models to fit your needs.

To know more about each ebike you need to click the particular model and read details.

  • Application based diversity
  • Reliability, durability and remote serviceability
  • Highest value for money


Conversion kits:

An ebike kit is a standardized set of components such as electric motor, controllers, sensors, cables, battery, charger and some accessories to be installed on a regular bicycle to convert it to an e-bike.

There are millions of bicycles with hundreds of styles. If you don’t use your old bike why not convert it to an ebike to give it more versatility? They are very affordable and with our converter kit easy to make motorized.

Bicycles which are converted to an ebike with EbikeBC are 100% customizable

EbikeBC kit installation may take 2-4 hours and may have sometechnical challenges; but the outcome is worthit. Unlike other generic kits, you will have full feature electric bikes as if it was designed and manufactured in the factory so you don’t have to worry about failing parts or unusual wear and tear

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Direct hub, Geared hub, or Mid-drive motor systems are all top of the line and excellent fits. Learn more below:

Geared Hub Motors

Higher electric power can be achieved through higher RPMs with a smaller size and lighter weight electric motor. An embedded high-efficiency, reliable, maintenance-free Nylon sun-planetary gear system provides greater torque and power in a very small and lightweight hub motor. People rarely recognize this is a hub motor as it is a little bigger than a conventional bicycle hub or brake hub. An automatic clutch keeps the wheel released while freewheeling and engage it only when you need a torque or power from the motor. No noise and no sense of geared motor engaged in whole trip.

Installation simplicity, light and small size, low moment of inertia, high torque and power are achieved accompanied with maintenance free reliability in hub geared motor.

BionX motors

BionX hub motor is the best engineered direct (Gear-less) hub motor in the world. Adding only a little weight to your bicycle, the BionX system works seamlessly as you pedal. The control processor continuously analyzes your torque input using strain gauge sensor on the axle of the rear wheel and feeds that information to the motor, which applies electric assist in proportion to how hard you are pedaling.

Mid-drive motor:

The best choice is to have the mass of the motor attached to the bike’s frame for higher wheel maneuverability, especially for mountain biking and full-suspension bikes.

These motors are typically more complex and heavier due to the required mechanisms that separate the pedal crank from the chain ring. This is necessary to let pedals and motor drive the rear wheel through the bike’s chain independently.

Bosch, Yamaha, Shimano, Brose are well-known brands offering this type of motor, however they only produce motors for OEM e-bike fabrication. They all need a special frame design to fit this motor.

Bafang or 8FUN is a well-known factory which manufactures mid-drive motors for regular bikes retrofits. They require standard bottom brackets to be fit on. Transmitting the muscle power and motor power through the existing chain and cogs is problematic for bicycle conversion which reduces the reliability and durability, hence it is not recommended for urban or commuter bicycle conversion.


The Li-ion battery is the most critical part of the ebike technology for cost, performance, and safety concerns. We don’t use cheap or low-quality batteries. With all of our products, we use A-grade branded Li-Ion cells including Samsung, LG or Panasonic. Li-Ion batteries have both cyclic and calendar life. For that reason, we produce and import batteries at least four times a year to guarantee delivery of the best and newest batteries to our customers.

A Li-Mn battery is lightweight with 500-800 full cycles of effective life and is the best choice for an ebike application. Packs of 30, 40, 50 or more cylindrical 18650 cells are the best option because you have the ability to maintain them compared to polymer packs. They are also lighter than Li-FePO4 technology.

Each 3.7V cell is continuously monitored and protected from over-voltage, under-voltage and over-current as well as 10 or 13 series cells voltage balance to guarantee maximum pack life cycle.

The battery packs are manufactured under strict qualifications and are CE and RoHS stamped.


In addition to the motor and batteries, all e-bikes and conversion kits have some electronic modules to drive and control the toque, speed, and power of the motor. These modules also ensure the proper motor working condition of the motor which is typically brushless DC motors.

There is an interface display to switch on-off, set the level of assist and see the charge status of the battery. Usually the logics and programs are loaded to this part which can be called computer/interface of the e-bike.

In most systems, you can set or change some basic settings, see the speed, mileage, power, voltage and a lot more as well as error codes in case of a failure.

A pedal assist sensor (PAS) signals the controller to run the motor providing a boost to your pedalling depending on the level of assist you select while riding

A thumb throttle which gives you extra power is best and exists in most of our products which activate the motor proportionally to the twist no matter you pedal or not to give you a fully electric ride in case you cannot pedal or need an instant acceleration or uphill push.

Switches called brake cut-off sensors are provide to cut off the power whenever the brake levers are squeezed. It is a double safety feature for panic stops and not a mandatory device. This switch can call regenerative mode of the controller if equipped.

To learn more about each individual specs select the product and see details.


Battery chargers are smart CC-CV and will automatically disconnect after battery is fully charged; you can leave them plugged overnight with confidence. Chargers are UL (C & US) Listed and stamped.