ENVO D35 2021

C$ 2,479.00

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ENVO D35 is the second generation of ENVO e-bikes engineered for Canadian users. The bike is specially engineered for British Columbia’s steep hills, Alberta’s freezing temperatures, the Maritimes’ chilly wind, and Ontario’s long commutes.

To offer the 500W maximum legal power and up to 100Km range, ENVO D35 design does not compromise weight, look, ergonomy, to maintain a “bicycle” characteristic with added the extra boost. This is where ENVO electric bike is differentiated from most of its competitors. Switch the power off and experience the ride quality of the best hybrid bicycle. Learn more why ENVO D35 is among best urban ebikes in Canada.

  • 22KG (48.5lbs) total weight
  • 8 speed
  • Hydraulic disk brake
  • Front suspension
  • 500W Max Power
  • Max Speed 32km/h





Visit the ENVO Drive Systems website for all details.


Small (16inch frame): Ice teal

Large (20inch frame): Dark Aquatic Galactic

Medium (18inch frame): Option 1  Ice teal, Option 2 Dark Aquatic Galactic

Frame: 27.5 X1.95, Hydro-formed Alloy 6061 TIG welded,
Fork: SR Suntour, 27.5 X1.95 Suspension fork,  with load adjustment and lock, Travel 80mm
Head sets: thread less headsets, φ25.4×44×30mm,22mm,NECO
Handlebar: alloy handlebar, 31.8mm TP22.2x680mm, 45mm,15 degree, alloy thread-less stem,
Brake Set: F/R alloy hydraulic disc brakes, black ,with alloy electric brake lever , Rotor 180,Tektro, HD-E350
Grip: TPR Grip VELO
Crank Set: 3/32″x48Tx170MMx9/16″, alloy crank with single chain ring cover, PROWHEEL PRO-748P
BB sets: sealed B.B sets, B908
Pedal: Alloy, 9/16″ WELLGO
Chain: TEC,C70
F/R Hub: F: alloy hub with quick release, hub motor
Gear Set: SHIMANO ALTUS 8 speeds,
Rim: 27.5″x13Gx36H,alloy double wall,black
Spokes Stainless steel black 13G spokes
Tire: 27.5″x1.95, black,with AV butyle tube,KENDA.K1162
Saddle: vinyl top cover, padded with PU, with black ABS ,VELO
Seat Post: alloy suspension seat post
Kickstand: alloy, single rear kickstand
Front Light: battery light, AXENDO 60
Rear Light: battery light RL13
Rear Carrier: alloy carrier,black
Fender: PVC Plastic fender
Motor : Brushless 36V/620W max/ Geared rear motor
Battery: 36V/12.8AH 3200 LG Lithium battery, with with charger
Controller: BLDC Sine-wave controller 17A waterproof connectors.
Sensor: PAS/thumb throttle, speed sensor,
Display: LCD panel, with 6 assistance levels, power display,750C
Packing: 85% assembly,

Available Options:

Frame: 20inch
Frame: 18 inch
Frame: 16inch


To learn more about bike sizing visit our support centre.


Introducing the ENVO D35 2021:


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16", 18", 20"


Dark Aquatic Galactic, Ice Teal

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  • Avatar

    Peggy Chimiuk

    Worth the Wait

    Originally had ordered my first E bike from Rad, but the delivery dates got changed too many times, so I cancelled. So glad I bought the Envo D35 instead, even though the delivery took longer than I was told upon ordering. It took me a few days to get used to the bike and it is a pleasure to ride due to its battery range and torque to make it up the big hills. I am 5’2 and I do find the bike is slightly too big, but have been able to adapt. The battery can be a bit tricky to remove and lock at first and the online manual could be improved so that the photos and instructions are more clear. Overall I feel I purchased the best E bike that is within my price range and that is available in Canada.

    July 13, 2021
    Verified Purchase
  • Avatar


    John & Maureen

    We ordered 2. One for each of us. Average bike riders. These bikes have everything we could have wished for in an EBike. Best of all, they are through a Canadian company. Riding them takes the wind and gravity out of the riding equation. Wind on the prairie in Canada always seems to be against you no matter which direction you ride in! The gradual changes in assisted speed is ideal for the older riders. We are retired and these bikes will assure that we will continue to have riding fun with ourselves and our grandchildren for many more years to come.

    March 25, 2021
    Verified Purchase
  • Avatar


    Livraison et le vélo lui-même.

    La livraison de Canpar: la boite était en excellent état et la livraison a été effectuée la journée prévue, je donne un a Canpar 5 étoiles.

    Le vélo ENVO D35 que j’ai reçus est au delà de mais attentes, c’est un vélo très bien conçu avec des pièces de qualités, il est vraiment comme décrit sur le site de EBICKE BC.com. Après un ans de recherches d’informations et visionnements ex: Radbike, Rizebike, Trekbike,etc… Je suis très content de mon choix il a tout ce que je recherchais pour un vélo électrique.
    Le seul point négatif est que le manuel n’est pas disponible en français, deux de mes amies en n’ont commandés chacun un et il y en aura d’autre au Québec.
    Daniel Leblanc.

    March 25, 2021
    Verified Purchase
  • Avatar

    Claude Cantin

    In early July, I purchased the ENVO D35 20″ ebike from EbikeBC. It was back-ordered, with an estimated arrival time of end of July. Arrived mid August (I did not expect it much earlier).

    I have been to five to ten 30km+ rides, and more shorter ones; some rides in town, some on bike paths, and others on country roads. I am a 55+ person, so not in as good of a shape as when I was in my 30s! I live in Eastern Ontario, in the country, where there are a number of gravel roads, and decent hills (but nothing like the ones in some parts of BC).

    Prior to purchasing, EbikeBC was prompt to respond to my enquiries. I was skeptical of buying a bike on-line, tried to perform due diligence. I found my old 10 year old non-ebike online, and superimposed its picture on top of the D35 that has all the measurements. Having the website with all the measurements helped in making my decision.

    The bike is great in that it allows you to virtually eliminate the hills. I live on top of a fairly steep hill on a gravel road, and, coming back home from a ride, that hill is always hard to climb. The ebike makes it a LOT easier. The bike also allows you to virtually eliminate the wind when traveling against it.

    I am glad I purchased that bike. It puts back the enjoyment in biking.

    – virtually flattens hills
    – virtually eliminates head winds
    – easy to adjust Pedal Assist controls
    – once adjusted, the gears switch smoothly

    – a bit heavier, but that is understandable
    – the top bar on the frame is not horizontal, so I ordered a new bike rack for my car (a “platform” style rather than one holding the bike by the horizontal frame bar).
    – the description states it comes with a bell. It does NOT. I called them after receiving the bike, and they told me they would remove that in the description in their web site; it is still there three months later.
    – the battery charger shows red when not fully charged; green when charged. I am part of the 10% male population that is colour-blind, so I do not see any difference between those two LEDs. They should change it to red when not fully charged, and blue when charged. Or put two different LEDs, side by side, one for “charging”, the other for “fully charged”. That should be easy for the manufacturer to change.
    – I am 6’2″ with long legs. The largest frame BARELY fits me. I am using the seat post at its maximum height. I also used a seat from a previous bike I owned (one that is more comfortable, and slightly thicker).
    – the frame around the control unit is flimsy. I noticed after a couple or rides that it is broken — I will need to glue it back in place (I do not know if it came that way, or if it broke when I put the bike on my bike rack, or…).
    – the water bottle fixture is at an odd location (hard to reach while riding). Also does not come with screws, so you will need to shop around for some… (I took mine from an older bike I had)

    For me, that bike has put the joy back in riding. I have yet to use more than 20% of the battery on a single ride. I try to not use the PAS unless I feel the need for it. It also means I can keep up with my 21 and 23 year old sons… especially going up hill 🙂

    November 29, 2020
    Verified Purchase
  • Avatar

    Sharon Watkins

    Me and my husband ordered the Envo D35’s at the end of May 2020 and received them end of July and end of August. Although there was quite a delay in receiving our bikes we are very excited start riding them now. They are very comfy and easy to ride and since we have many hills we will be riding more now than with the standard bike. I do agree with one of the other comments about the size of the bike and I probably would have been more comfortable with a step thru as the 16″ is quite a tall bike. We also encountered terrible service from the delivery companies with both of our bikes receiving damage to the paint and wheel. The boxes were open and punctured in many places but understandably it is not Ebikes fault. We currently have one minor glitch with my husbands bike but I am confident that the company will have this corrected very soon. I have ridden the bike several times now and always get comments from people about what a great looking bike it is. We are looking forward to many years of riding. I would highly recommend this bike.

    October 4, 2020
    Verified Purchase
  • Avatar


    I received my D35 in May of 2020, so far I have about 2500 km on the bike and it has functioned very well. Really happy with the bike. It is wise to keep an eye on tightening bolts and performing your own general maintenance to ensure that the bike performs well.

    You can say this about all bikes, but ebikes even more so. Utube has a wealth of information on maintaining your ebike and is worth checking out.

    Overall a solid purchase.

    September 19, 2020
  • Avatar

    Sharon Noble

    I purchased my Envo D35 2020 in June, 2020 and received it in July. Ordinarily I wouldn’t have ordered an ebike online but I knew someone who owned this bike in a smaller frame so I had an opportunity to try it out and I liked it. Upon delivery, the shipping box was in bad shape but nothing seemed to be missing in terms of the ebike. As there were no instructions or manual in the box, my husband struggled to assemble it, but eventually got it together. We printed off the online manual. Once assembled and battery charged, the bike was ready for use. A bit of a learning curve, but once I read up on the bike and experimented with the levels and the gears, the assist levels work beautifully. The bike has lots of power and makes it really easy for me to use as I live on a hill in Vernon. My first long trip was from our home in Vernon to Winfield, along the Rail Trail – approximately 50 km. At the end of the ride, there were only 2 bars down on the battery and my trip home up hill was easy. I haven’t really had the need to use the throttle, yet.
    My only complaint is that when I placed my order and gave my weight and height, it was suggested that I order an 18 inch frame for the regular bike and my friend’s 16 inch frame seemed too small for me, so that seemed reasonable. I’m finding that the frame is too big for me because when I straddle it, I’m wedged between the frame and the bike seat. The manual says that if the frame is touching any part of your body, it is unsafe. I have mentioned this to Ebike B.C. and have not had any response. We have tried to alter the bike seat but nothing changes in terms of body contact with the frame. I am concerned that if I have to dismount quickly that I will injure myself. I am disappointed in the lack of service from this company after purchase.
    My suggestion to future buyers is to also provide your inseam measurements in addition to height and weight.

    September 15, 2020
    Verified Purchase
  • Avatar

    shawn rempel

    Ordered the d35 on line sat and recieved it Wednesday. Took for a trial spin and WOW I LOVE IT .taking it to work tomorrow..i noticed the bike doesn’t come with kenda tires , did you switch .also no panier bag ,was that a last year deal . Will update at a later date after some heavy cycling.

    September 3, 2020
    Verified Purchase
  • Avatar

    Robert Russell

    Bought 2 of these and order 4 more Love these bikes All the family has them now. Great entry level bike I rode with more $$$ bikes and these proform just as good if not better in some cases.

    August 23, 2020
  • Avatar

    Andre Vellino

    I love my new 20″ D35. My neighbour was so excited seeing me ride it that she decided to buy one too and without much deliberation about alternatives either.

    I had a truly terrible experience with the CanPar shipping service including a broken box, a scraped frame and fork, a missing charger and pedals (the small box containing them fell out of the broken box, probably) and a disconnected rear light. However, BikeBC was extremely quick to respond and address these problems so they really deserve their hard-earned reputation for customer service.

    The design of the bike is excellent. I am definitely in love with power assist and the controls / display system is quite good. The motor is quiet and the bike is well-balanced, the brakes are great and the overall ride is wonderful. The braze-ons underneath the frame were a nice surprise (for a water bottle or pump) and I’m glad for the brazon-ons that the kick-stand is attached to. The rear rack is a bit of a disappointment – not obviously designed for an easy fit with Envo / Ortlieb paniers. The charger seems to get extremely hot while charging, which worries me a bit.

    The real test will be the test of time. My 14 gear Raleigh touring bike lasted 40 years…. but I’ll be happy if the electronics / motor etc. on this Envo last 10 years.

    August 20, 2020
    Verified Purchase

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