Electric folding Bike


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A compete, ready-to-go ebike for commuting or recreation. Just take it for a test ride to feel how great cycling can be with electric assistance–or just press the throttle when you don’t feel like pedaling!
All in a compact, folding design!

Note: the bicycle is a demo model, but the electric components (motor, battery, etc) are brand new.

Out of stock


  • Optimized design.
  • Geared-hub motor, for reducing weight.
  • Adjustable seat-post battery, with high quality LG/Samsung Li-Ion cells.
  • 350W Rated, 500W Max Power. Great for commuting or recreation.
  • Max Speed 32km/h
  • Max Torque 60Nm
  • Colour: Teal Red.Suitable For:
  • people below 100 kg of weight;
  • continuous up-hills with 5-10% grade.


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