Gotway EX 20″ 2500W Motor Suspension Electric Unicycle with 2700WH100V Battery

C$ 4,399.00

Range*: ~130Km (80 mi) (depending on battery size)
Speed*: 64 km/h (40 mph), unbridgeable 40 km/h after 200km
Battery: 2700Wh/100V (Lithium Ion LG M50T 21700 Cells)
Charge Time: ~9 depending on battery size
Pay Load: 130 KG (286 lbs)
Motor Power: 2500W (nominal power)
Dimensions: 560 mm (H) x 490 mm (L) x 440 mm (thickness)
Weight: Gross 31 KGS (68 lbs) / Net 38 KGS (84 lbs)
Slope*: max 25 °
Wheel / Tire Size: 20 inch tires
Connectivity: IOS Android ANDROID Bluetooth App
*Range and speed varies significantly depending oin Riding variations. The data is collected at 70kg rider wight @ 20km/h speed. Slope is measured in real test with 90kg rider

* This product is available for online order only.


The Gotway EX, first suspension electric unicycle from Gotway. This isnot everyone but rider who wants a suspension electric unicycle with a large ranger and a high speed, EX is perfect. The EX features a unique suspension design that allows the rider to cruise over 64 km/h using powerful 3500 peak power and high torque motor. The new compbination of motor, battery and suspension design allows EX to providing excellent acceleration and a great hill climbing experience.

Riders who like to ride at higher speeds will find this electric unicycle suspension very appealing. Hitting bumps with any EUC can unbalance the wheel and require advanced riding skills. Suspended wheels seriously reduce the risk of larger bumps interfering with the ride.

Safety is also improved in Gotway EX, it has warning system using tilt-back notifications usual to EUCs (configurable in-app). Equipped with a built-in retractable trolley handle, anti-spin lift sensor, powerful LED headlight, front & rear red accent lighting, this wheel has a built-in high volume speaker with streaming bluetooth music playback for a more comfortable riding experience.

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