S50 Complete Conversion Kit 500W Super Torque 100Nm

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  • 25% more torque to pull up hills geared hub wheel motor kit with down tube water bottle mount Li-Ion battery
  • 500W Rated, 900W Max Power
  • Max Speed 40km/h (Settings limited to 32km/h in compliance with regulations)
  • Max Torque 100Nm

Suitable For:

  • Heavy duty utility bicycles, tricycles or bikes with tow-trailer
  • Commutes or utility bike with extreme road condition
  • People above 100kg weight,
  • Ultra high performance high torque and fast
  • Continuous up-hills with 10-17% road grade
  • Bellow 8Kg powerful and high range electric bike


Battery Capacity* Required

  • EbikeBC parts Lizard Battery 3 1 minEbikeBC parts Lizard Battery 3 1 min
    Lizard Battery 48V 17.5Ah
    C$ 805.50
  • bare battery 48 13 minbare battery 48 13 min
    Bare battery 48V 17.5Ah
    C$ 760.50
  • EbikeBC parts Lizard Battery 2 1 minEbikeBC parts Lizard Battery 2 1 min
    Lizard Battery 48V 13Ah
    C$ 697.50

    Available on backorder

  • EbikeB Rack BatteryEbikeB Rack Battery
    Rack Battery 48V 12.8Ah
    C$ 673.20
  • bare battery 48 13 minbare battery 48 13 min
    Bare battery 48V 13Ah
    C$ 607.50
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Controlling System* Required

  • ebikebc controlling systems 1ebikebc controlling systems 1
    LCD3 48V 20A Controller System
    C$ 363.60
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Motor* Required

  • MX01C hub motorMX01C hub motor
    500W/750W Rear Geared Hub Motor
    C$ 522.00C$ 571.50
  • EbikeBC 1000w hub motorEbikeBC 1000w hub motor
    500W/750W Front Geared Hub Motor
    C$ 423.00C$ 472.50
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Torque Arm* Optional

  • 20200129 150606 scaled20200129 150606 scaled
    Torque Arm Version 4, Rear, GRIN for Electric Bikes
    C$ 49.00
  • 20200129 151046 scaled20200129 151046 scaled
    Torque Arm Version 3, Front, GRIN for Electric Bikes
    C$ 40.00
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Rack for battery* Optional

  • EbikeBC parts Rack 1 minEbikeBC parts Rack 1 min
    Rack for Battery
    C$ 65.00
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Battery Clamp Nut* Optional

  • triple bob settriple bob set
    Triple Battery Clamp Nut
    C$ 33.00

    Out of stock

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  • Avatar

    Paul Komaromi

    The ideal way to enjoy riding... but with less effort.

    While visiting our son, daughter-in-law and grandsons in the Greater Vancouver area my wife and I purchased our conversion kits in the spring of 2019. Contemplating the conversion we did our homework and after reviewing many suppliers credentials we found E-Bike BC to be at the top of the heap. Living 5000 km away in another province you want to be sure of the quality and service assistance if ever required. Once the kit arrived via the courier after we got home I was eager to put my skills to the test. In short order about 4 hours, I had my wife's bike wired up and running.. Once I took her bike for a bit of a tout around the block I was convinced that I need the same upgrade. At 65 years of age it was the ideal way to continue to enjoy riding but with less effort. Thus I ordered a conversion kit for my mountain bike and once again once the parts arrived I immediately put my skills to the test. Neatness counts so it had to look good as well as provide easy riding. A few months ago my bike developed a bit of a glitch where even the internet help web sites could not help me with. There was no error codes on the electronic display but my bike stayed in a constant full pedal assist unless I powered the control off. Stumped as to what to do I contacted E-Bike BC to see if they could help with suggestions. A bit of back and forth discussions, emails, troubleshooting and trying a few different things the team narrowed down that it was a cable issue. Remember we are a long way from BC but had the utmost confidence in their service reputation, however, it was not as easy as just throwing the bike into the car and driving to their shop. We were lucky to have my wife's bike beside me and used it to substantiate the defective cable. They immediately shipped the cable out and in 4 days I was up and running once I replaced it. Perfect timing because we head out camping in 2 days and was hoping to take our bikes. What a great bunch of guys! Steve, Ali, Paryavi, the rest of the team and of course Vineet who made the final diagnosis.

    July 18, 2020
  • Avatar

    Tom Heeney

    It looks and works so well! Many thanks.

    Hi Steve and Team,
    We ordered the ebike conversion setup you recommended. It installed just like the directions indicated. Our first short run went well. Lots of power with the two of us aboard. It looks and works so well! Many thanks. With a little creativity we’re able to tuck the battery in a nice safe framework. Now our friend wants a setup for his wife’s bike.

    Take care,
    Liz and Tom

    Ohhh. And here’s a salute to you all. Liz planted this 50’x72’ hillside flag on our place (3600 petunias planted in it) as her way to say “Canada is great”

    July 8, 2020
  • Avatar

    J. Milner

    I bought two E-bike kits to convert a couple of old beach cruisers we had and I couldn't be happier.

    I bought two E-bike kits to convert a couple of old beach cruisers we had and I couldn’t be happier. The people at EBikeBC have gone out of their way make sure I was satisfied. A couple of issues I had were dealt with quickly and professionally. They put a lot of effort into the design of their kits and installation is very straightforward. Highly recommended!

    September 25, 2019

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