Segway Ninebot S – Self Balancing Transporter


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Ninebot S – Mini Transporter for a Great Commute and Travel. This self-balancing vehicle allows you to steer by lightly pressing left or right on the knee control bar. It has a maximum payload of 88-220 lbs (40-100 kg ), zooms around at up to 10mph (16 km/h) and travels up to 13.7 mi(22 km) on a single charge. Riders will enjoy endless fun using this model’s smartphone app, which includes features such as customizable light colours and more. The Ninebot S’s smartphone app ensures it delivers a comprehensive riding tutorial, the ability to limit speed and more.

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Length x width: 260×548(mm)

Height*: 595(mm)

Payload: 88-220 lbs(40-100 kg )

Net weight: Approx. 28 lbs(12.8 kg)


Ages: 16 – 50 years

Height: 4’3″-6’6″(130-200 cm)
Maximum speed: Approx. 10mph(16 km/h)
Typical range**: Approx. 13.7 mi(22 km)
Maximum slope: Approx. 15°
Beginner mode: Will be automatically disabled after you have traveled 1 km. You can re-enter beginner mode at any time through the App

Traversable terrain: Hard roads. flat concrete roads, slopes of less than 15 degrees, steps not higher than 1 cm, and dips no more than 3 cm wide

Operating temperature: 14-104°F(-10-40°C)
Storage temperature: -4-122° F(-20-50°C)
Permitted charging temperature: 32-104° F(0-40°C)
IP rating: IP54
Rated voltage: 54.8V
Maximum charging voltage: 59.5V

Rated capacity: 236 Wh

Battery Pack
SmartBMS: Overvoltage/ Under voltage/Short Circuit/Overheating Protection,Auto-Sleep/Wake-up, detailed information of battery can be checked with App.
Maximum continuous discharge power***: 1000W

Charging Temperature: 32-104° F(0-40°C)

Rated power: 400×2 W

Maximum power: 800×2 W

App connection
Compatible with: Android 4.3; iOS 8.0 or later

Wireless Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.2

* Vehicle height: The distance from the ground to the highest point of the vehicle body.
** Typical range: Tested while riding under full power, 154 lbs(70 kg) load, 77″F(25°C), 9.3 mph(15 km/h) average speed on pavement.

*** Continuous Discharge Power: Tested while under full power at 77° F(25°C). The value changes with temperature and remaining battery capacity. For example, the continuous discharge power drops to -80% of the maximum value at 10% remaining battery capacity, and the continuous discharge power drops to -70% of the maximum value at 32″F(0°C). Note: The tilde symbol(-) indicates that the following number is an approximation.

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