Speedway Mini 4 Pro Electric Scooter – 500W Motors



Upgraded Mini 4 Pro speaks for its reliability and affordability itself. The Speedway Mini 4 Pro is a great light weight commuter electric scooters with lots of power and it weighs 35 lbs (16 kgs). The Mini 4 Pro features 8″ rear solid tire and 8″ front pneumatic tube tire, a 15.6Ah battery allowing up to 30 miles (48 kms) of range, and a max speed of 28 miles/h (45 Km/h).

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Motor: MAX 1,360 watt BLDC Rear Hub Motor, Nominal 500W
Battery: 48 V  – 15.6 Ah – 748Wh – Panasonic cells (Lithium Ion)
Charge time: ~6 hrs with standard 1.75A charger
Max mileage: ~30 miles (48 Kms) *mileage may vary depending on rider weight and road conditions
Max Speed: ~28 mph (45 Km/h) *limited in the USA / Canada to 15 mph (24Km/h) via speed limiting wire to comply with DOT regulations and insurance requirements.  Tampering with the speed limiting wire is discouraged and may be unlawful.
Climbing Grade: 27% or 15 degrees depending on rider weight and state of charge
Braking System: Rear Electric Regenerative + Rear Drum Brake with ABS Standard
Tires: Front 8″ Pneumatic Tube Tire , Rear 8″ Solid Rubber tire (Proper air pressure 40~45psi)
Max Load: 265 lbs (120 kgs)
Scooter Weight: ~35 lbs (16 kgs)
Unfolding size: 1036 x 538 x 1199 mm Length x Width x Height
Folding size: 986 x 183 x 335 mm Length x Width x Height
Instrument Panel: Multi function instrument panel that allows you to adjust the various functions and displays Speed, Battery Status and Mode.
LED Lighting: Front LEDs, Rear brake LEDs.
Suspension: Front and rear suspension

Product Material: Aluminum Alloy Frame

Parts Warranty:
Parts Warranty: 6 Months Limited Warranty

Labour Warranty: 1 Year Limited Warranty

Warranty Limitations / Exclusion: 
Damage to the product from misuse and/or neglect, accidental damage, water/liquid damage, salt damage or from not adhering to the instructions in the Owner’s Manual. Damage caused by exceeding maximum weight, attempting tricks or running into obstacles like curbs or walls, water or liquid damage or submerges into the water. Improper or invalid documentation, including but not limited to lack of a warranty sheet, original invoice or discrepancies on the invoice.


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