PAS Sensor

Conversion Kits Installation

Our kits are designed to be straightforward DIY  and doable by home tools, specially when you customize the kit with the help of our technicians through online tools. However, we offer installation service in our service center for those who have access to us or our dealers.

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Li-Ion Battery Replacement or Refurbishing

You may have an older ebike with dead SLA or Li-Ion battery which just occupies some storage space. We can service the ebike and replace the battery with our branded Li-ion battery packs. Good to go for another 5-7 years of electric rides.

We will have various solutions for older ebikes battery replacement; either by installation of cased battery packs or refurbishing the existing battery case. You need to send us the existing battery and charger so that we test and refurbish with a similar or better capacity and performance using 18650 Li-Ion Cells from LG or Panasonic.

All the battery packs are protected by BMS for over current, under voltage, charging over voltage, cells voltage balance to ensure the safety and durability of the battery pack.

Here is an estimated cost of brand new battery packs or refurbishing the battery with new cells and BMS:

Voltage & Capacity cells BMS Estimated Price in C$
48V 17.5Ah 18650 LG or Panasonic 30A rated 895.00
48V 13Ah 18650 LG or Panasonic 30A rated 695.00
48V 10.4Ah 18650 LG or Panasonic 20A rated 595.00
36V 10.4Ah 18650 LG or Panasonic 20A rated 475.00
36V 8.8Ah 18650 LG or Panasonic 20A rated 365.00
24V 10.4Ah 18650 LG or Panasonic 20A rated 365.00
24V 7.8Ah 18650 LG or Panasonic 15A rated 315.00
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Hub or Mid-drive Motors & Controllers Repair or Replacement.

We have many replacement parts for direct or geared hub motors as well as mid-drive motors; however we should consider the high hourly rate costs of such repairs. In many cases we’d rather replace the motor and controller instead; specially for those cheap Chinese electric bike motors.

Basically all generic BLDC motor controller should match one another; however there is no protocol for wiring and connections. One should figure out the wiring pin by pin if a wiring diagram is not available. There is always a way to put the broken motor or controller back to work; we should take the lowest cost with better result.

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BionX Kit Motor System Repairs or Replacement parts

BionX is a high quality direct hub motor kit system and one of best sellers in North America in past decade. We are an authorized BionX dealer and service providers and have access to the know how and replacement parts. Please contact us if you need any parts, service or repairs.

A sketchy check up of bikes will be welcomed free. The repairs will be charged on an hourly shop rate of 75C$. You will know the rough estimate in advance. And we will communicate with you during the process to ensure the services and replacements kept in budget.

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Brushless DC Controllers
LCD Interface

R&D Projects Partnership

We are open to new ideas and welcome all tech-savvy people who think we can help them develop their idea or enterprises who think we can be a good know-how or supplying partner.

EbikeBC is an engineering based business and gladly help or sponsor student projects in the field of electric vehicle drive systems.