This guy with this fat bike has pledged over 1 million US$ of 75000US$ goal for this weird looking electric fat bike on kick starter. The base price is 499US$.

Let’s take a closer look to what this ebike offers:

350w max power motor, so the rated power must be around 200W

Battery is not specified but to have Samsung cell 12.5Ah option you should pay 85US$ extra.

Shipping cost to US 194US$ and to Canada 247US$

No LCD and Computer for the moment offered on this system.

The bike value is something around 100US$ if you want to pre-order it, since there is no gearshift and no suspension fork and not a professional frame and parts. this mechanical advantage for single speed ebike does not allow you to accompany pedaling while riding on power.

The motto is “the most affordable electric bike” let’s check this:

You must pay 499+85+247=831US$ = 1138CA$ + TAX to have this ebike 3 months later. 200W, No LCD and no PAS optimization and the bike is what you see in the picture with no gear shift.

Don’t ever think of riding such a primitive bike!

EbikeBC 250/450W hub motor Kit with Samsung battery with computerized Pedal Assist System with LCD display costs 998CA$= 729US$ Tax inclusive and free shipping. Install it on your beloved and best fit bicycle and enjoy the ride if you really want “THE BEST AFFORDABLE ELECTRIC BIKE EVER.”