Buy From a Dealer

You might have the chance to see and experience a ride test before you order the kit if you buy it from an EbikeBC dealer in your area. Also you can ask a professional to do the installation for you to minimize the risk of any technical conflict.

There is also a great opportunity to find great value converted ebikes to buy immediately without any order processing and shipping delay.
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Order Online

When the selection is finalized, add them to cart and proceed to check out.

Shopping Cart

Make sure your provided information, contact detail and shipping address is correct. If address you want to receive the kit is different from your PayPal account address.

Payment Options

You have the options to pay with PayPal, your credit card or a direct Interac etransfer.

Tax Information

US Buyers will pay 5% import tax at point of delivery
Canadian Buyers from outside BC province will pay GST
Canadian Buyers from inside BC province will pay GST + PST.

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After You Order

If there is a lacing job for the order, our workshop will prepare it within 1 business day. Then we put together all parts and components accordingly. We run a complete function test on all kit components then after filling the checklist we seal the package box and ship it to the provided address. In normal working condition it takes 2 business days to ship your order.
We send you the shipping tracking number. At point of Delivery courier will ask for your ID and signature. So please make sure you are available at the time of delivery; otherwise you need to ask for a reattempt or self-pick-up.

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What’s included in a Complete E-bike Kit

For a typical complete hub motor ebike kit order you will find these parts once you open it; this list might vary by different kit configurations:
1- Hub motor laced on the rim
2- Battery pack with key, mounting rail and connections
3- Controlling system package:
a. Motor controller
b. Computer/display
c. Display holder and spacers
d. PAS sensor + magnet disk
e. A pair of brake cut-off magnet switches (or brake cut-off switch levers)
f. Thumb throttle
g. Interconnecting cables and connections
h. Zip ties
i. Cable cover
j. Setting manual
4- Li-Ion Battery charger + plug cord
5- Controller bag/box
6- Warranty letter

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