Michel Roby

A picture about the project I built for an handicaped friend... the battery and control unit are fitting nicely under the seat... the battery moves back and forth with the sliding seat and is easily removable if necessary... Only issue I still need to figure out is to have reverse capability... Great challenge that took [...]

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Rod Rissanen

I was watching a youtube channel where a kind man (wishes to remain anonymous) converted two fat tire ebikes into a carrier for a woman in a wheelchair, this touched me and I reached out to the kind man, I told him how on my disability pension I would never be able to afford an [...]

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Alejandro Erickson

EBikeBC installed a kit for me that we will use to take our two kids on trips around our hilly neighbourhood in our bike+trailer combination. I've been taking the kids to parks for the last couple of days and I am very happy with my setup. The initial discussion and installation was very easy, the [...]

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Linda Ann Farruggia

I got my bike converted to electric when I moved to Burnaby wanting to commute by bike instead of the train into downtown Vancouver. It's been awesome, so easy and fast to get into work and I don't break a sweat so perfect to start work right away and not have to shower. I love [...]

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Huan Ho

I recently bought the rack battery 500W conversion kit from EbikeBC. The install was pretty straight forward. I initially had some issues with the controller, but Ali took care of it right away. Now the bike rides like a dream. I love riding this bike and have no troubles up any of the hills on [...]

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Bob Leier

Bought an Envo 35D for my 70th birthday and it is now my best friend. My lower back was not allowing me to keep up with 'the gang' so my riding was very limited until I purchased this peddle assist. Now I'm waiting for them to catch up. Living on the Shore presents some very [...]

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Magdi Rizkallah

I got my ENVO June 2018. Get ~100 K on one charge since Richmond is pretty flat and I only use the “1” assist level. Minor noise issue they me resolve with a how to video. I had to replace a pedal crank last month which was quite unusual. Overall, I’m very happy with the [...]

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Purchased an e-bike kit in the Fall of 2018. Staff were very helpful in assisting me with solving some minor issues. This to me is extremely important where making an online purchase. My e-bike is running very smoothly and I have also just passed the 1000km mark with no issues. Indeed a quality product. Assembling [...]

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Richard Cameron

I have been using the P35 front hub conversion kit for over a year now. My bike is my main mode of transportation, especially to work and back every day. It performs outstandingly well. Plenty of power for the hills and the battery like is exceptional. It's easily the best investment I've made for my [...]

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Rick Krok

received in good order....put my first 10 klm. on bike and all is well. Bike is compact and very light making it easy to load in auto....will update with time

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