Antoine Campeau

I am in love with this kit! It made one of my dream come true. Pros : I live about 35km away from my job and only had my mountain bike. Going there and coming back was a near impossible project as it took just under 2 hours going and same when going back to my place with my normal mountain bike. With this kit installed (500w D50 motor + 17ah battery), I manage to do this mainly on pedal assist level 4 + full throttle for a second when traffic lights goes green (to help with the starts) in about 1h05min, speed and lenght being my main concern when buying this kit. Just to compare, going to work in public transit takes the exact same time as the ebike and going by car could take up to 1h30min. Using this bike, I consider I even save more time as I don’t have to go to the gym for cardio afterwards. I charge the battery when at work (17ah with the normal charger takes about 6h30) and when home so it’s always ready. My average speed with this kit is 35km/h and I can go to 40km/h in under 5-6 seconds (approx.) laws not being an issue as far as I know in Quebec. So far, my objective is to do it at the very least if the weather permit it 2 times a week and having it for about a month, it has always been possible! My only cons : I tried without success to install a rear version of the kit first as my 10 speed mountain bike cassette was taking too much space making the rear wheel not centered. I contacted the support and they switched it with a front version without any hassle. Bottom note : Just contact the support if you are in the process of buying a kit, they will guide you very well with the differents options you can get for your needs! Thanks Ali for all the great support!

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