Brad (Calgary Alberta)

18 km one way commute to work was getting a bit sweaty at times. Tired of bringing along multiple changes of clothes and getting up earlier to make the ride on time and get cleaned up before everyone arrives at the office. Added a D50 kit to a 50$ bike I purchased off Kijiji (which there are many 80s bikes for dirt cheap but still run great). The bike” takes” me to work in the morning and I can pedal as hard as I want on the way home for exercise. Absolutely amazing. Actually faster than my car as I avoid the traffic snarls. Motor is powerful and super quiet. I passed a couple of roadies going up a hill on the way to work and I don’t think they realized I was on an e-bike. Although I’m sure they tried – they couldn’t pull the 500watts. Must have been something watching a guy in dress pants blow past them. Thanks guys.

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