Brenda S.

I am very pleased with my conversion kit and the service from eBikeBC. From the moment I ordered it, Alec was emailing me; genuinely concerned with the specs of my bike to make sure he sends me parts that will be compatible and the installation would be seamless. It gave me such confidence that I would be able to do this. I made out great! Got it all put together and have put about 150 kilometers on it so far. It is amazing!!!!! I really like the pedal-assist feature (which I didn’t expect). I can still get exercise but not be exhausted when I get to work or home from work. Thank you so much. It was very nice of them to follow up too to make sure I didn’t have any problems. I looked at the website today and the testimonials are all right on the money! I already gave their info to 2 people who asked me about my cool bike!!! 🙂

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