Conrad Chevalier

The ebikeBC kit is GREAT! I wanted something that would make my commute from East Van to North Van more manageable on a daily basis, and this does the trick. It does all the heavy lifting up those big hills and over the bridge. The kit itself is pretty straightforward, and the few hiccups I had during installation were resolved promptly by Ali via email. The install videos on YouTube were a great help, too. It all fits nicely on my simple steel frame bike and looks good to boot! The user manual for the many varied settings of the LCD display is a bit of a tough read, but it’s all there if you have the patience. I’ve only been riding the ebike for a few weeks yet, but so far it has performed flawlessly. The low-assist provides just a bit of help, and the high-assist gives quite a boost. I use level 1-2 on the flats and 4-5 up the hills. The torque is strong but not jerky. The responsiveness of the pedal assist sensor is quick, so I hardly ever have to use the throttle to even get a little boost from a standstill start (but it’s nice to know it’s there). My only concern is whether the cut-off sensors on the brake levers will last through a season of harsh elements (being only 3M-taped on). However, so far they have worked flawlessly too. My other complaint is a buzzing noise coming from my front fenders (metal), but that’s not the ebike kit’s fault! I decided to buy a highly-rated chain lock to protect my new investment, and I like that the battery can be easily removed so that I don’t have to leave it on the bike when I lock it up (HOPEFULLY deterring thieves…..who would steal an eBike with no battery??!!….then it’s just a “regular” bike that’s crazy heavy…) Anyways, I give two thumbs up so far in my short time on the ebike! Happy riding!

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