Frank Banfield

I spent several months researching the best option for converting an old bike into a commuting machine. Through all the research I finally decided on the EBikeBC option. I have to say that I was a little apprehensive as I needed something that would flatten out the many hills that lie between my work and home. Upon completing the installation I took my first spin around the neighborhood and was instantly impressed with the systems power. The real question was would it flatten out all the hills for my 30 mile or 50 km commute and what would my average speed consist of? All my questions were answered on my trial run. I arrived to work a few minutes under 2 hours having used just half the battery capacity and feeling completely fresh and not exhausted as I would have been had it not been for my EBikeBC modification. Avoiding the gridlock of Portland’s traffic, feeling refreshed by my morning ride, I just cannot thank the folks at EBikeBC enough. You’ve got a great product and are truly working to improve people’s lives. You can’t beat that!

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