Joseph Ebrada

I have been on the market for a while looking for an ebike kit that will transform my old mountain bike to a commuter e-bike. There’s a lot of choices out there and as a novice to the ebike conversion community it’s easy to get lost and spend money on a kit that does not meet your riding expectations. Not to mention the availability of a solid customer support to answer your questions when you get stuck putting your ebike kit together. Through my extensive research, i found EbikeBC through ebay. These guys were top notch with their customer service. They are not the type of seller where they will just sell you a kit for the sake of selling a product without knowing their customers. Alec from EbikeBC took the time to know what I’m looking for, answered all my questions and guided me along the way. Despite of the time he spent with me, not a single time that he pushed me to buy their product…he showed me couple of options based on my needs. Finally, without a shadow of a doubt i know that i am on the right track with this company. I bought the 350 watts ebike kit with 10ah lithium ion battery. Alec did not stop communicating with me after i paid for my kit, he made sure that i am informed with my order status, where they are with the build and received a final email from the post office with the tracking number for my shipped item. It really allay some anxiety most especially these days where a lot of fraudulent transaction over the internet. These guys from EbikeBC are trustworthy people. I received my kit on time without any damage with the packaging. i started putting the kit together. The kit comes with an easy to follow instructions with good picture representation. There are times where I am stuck and can’t figure out the other parts, that’s the time when I email Alec about my situation and I received an almost instantaneous response with step by step instructions. All in all, my experience with EbikeBC was top notch. I do recommend them to anybody who needs a DIY ebike conversion kit that will not break your bank. The kit is reliable and customer support is by far the best that I ever experience. Thank you very much EbikeBC. More power to your business!!!

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