Kathi Worthen

Love my ebike kit from Ebikebc. I was looking for an ebike solution that wouldn’t break the bank and would meet all my needs. After doing alot of online research I settled on the ebikebc kit, much cheaper than purchasing a complete E-bike, I could use one of my current bikes.I purchased in October 2016 and it was easy to install myself and the support was great. Any questions I emailed them about were answered quickly and professionally. I commute daily 50kms with many steep and long hills but they aren’t a problem anymore. Since I am an avid rider I was worried about getting an ebike, thinking that I would choose to use the motor all the time and get lazy, however, I find that I only use it for the hills and still use my own power for regular riding. My knees are thanking me and I find my ride to work more enjoyable since I don’t have to dread the brutal hills in our area. I also love that I can easily move this from one bike to another if I choose within an hour. I would recommend using ebikebc for all your ebike needs, the price, service and support are great.

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