Kevin Kindert

Love my e bike conversion, best thing is you can put it on a bike your comfortable on which I did . secondSecond it’s my commuter bike now but I also just jump on it and can do the green trails around lostlake for the view and then to work, or to my shop , or to the lake, or to physo, all quicker than driving and more fun . I make it back home all the time between 40 and 45 KM with power left.truck has not moved for 2 weeks even with 2 sore knees, without e bike I would not have been riding at all . Love showing up at a full parking lot and just locking bike up . Every thing works good and it was easy to install.10 friends have try my bike and they all like it , was glad when they came back and I got bike back Lol. Eventually I’m going to have 5 e bike conversion .Kev K

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