Mark O.

Was researching options for ebikes and found Ebike BC via Ebay. Happy to discover they were local to my area (Greater Vancouver), and when I contacted Alec regarding the kits I got nothing less than prompt, thorough and professional response(s). Alec know’s his stuff and was able to answer all of my technical questions. He actually offered a discount as well due to my local address and essentially passed on the shipping cost savings to me. The kit was relatively easy to install (though the mounting of the magnets for the brake kill switch sensors requires some creativity). The kit has completely revolutionized my commute to the office. My mission was to reduce my commute time as much as possible, and this kit delivers! What was a 40-45 minute ride each way is now a 23-25 minute ride each way. The hills that were 5 minute “when will it be over” grinds are now barely noticeable. The only thing that left room for improvement was that the hub wheel which comes with the kit pre-built needed some tightening/truing, and it’s axle shafts were a teensy bit oversized for my fork. (both of which were easily resolved).

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