Rod Rissanen

I was watching a youtube channel where a kind man (wishes to remain anonymous) converted two fat tire ebikes into a carrier for a woman in a wheelchair, this touched me and I reached out to the kind man, I told him how on my disability pension I would never be able to afford an ebike but thanked him for helping out the disabled community. After a few back and forth emails this man offered me $1,000USD towards to purchase of a ebike of my own, this is who purchased the kit for me from you. The kit itself was daunting and I am a computer technician by trade, but after watching the installation videos it was a breeze, please understand I installed the entire kit using only one-hand, I am an amputee and had nobody helping and everything is as it should be, working as it was designed to work, heck I\’ve put 250km on it in 6 days it\’s a lot of fun. I am an avid cyclist already and with this kit helping on hills it\’s a whole new world, hills are no longer an issue and with one hand hills can be a big issue, I\’ve got to go into granny gear and use pure leg muscle, well, not any more! I live in Gibsons on the gorgeous SunShine coast and with proper battery management I am able to cycle to Sechelt and back, a 44km round trip, this is beautiful! This is a great option for people on a budget who can\’t afford 5k bikes, this is a basic $125 bicycle and works just as well in my opinion, people have options, they look at my bike and are pleased to learn you can get a decent kit for $1400 delivered and install on something they already own. Thanks for giving us affordable options team at EBIKEBC.COM P.S. People look at a 1-arm cyclist, send me free t-shirts or any other swag and I\’ll get you some free advertising, everyone asks me about the kit.. Regards: Rodney Rissanen Reiki Master

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