Rudy Pekau

Glad to have electric assist in my bikes and trikes, I have installed 14 kits into various bikes and trikes, recumbent and non recumbent, with 26 inch and 20 inch wheel sizes, 500W and 350 W, front and rear and all work fine. I started in 2016 and have logged 2100 km on the bikes and 1600 km on the trikes not counting the Kilometers of the kits I installed for other family members and friends. Very pleased with the responsive tech support I have received over the last two years in case you have a question.Tested the bikes/trikes in all kind of weather,gravel,dirt,snow,ice,wet and dry and they performed very well. As an mechanical engineer with electrical background I can say they are well designed and built and I can recommend the conversion kits.

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