Shelley Stevenson, Burnaby BC

We had fabulous service from the people at EBike BC! Our situation is a unique is that we were searching for help building an electric bike for our son Henry. Henry is 7 years old and was born with a medical condition with results in weaker muscles. However he wanted more than anything to be able to ride a bike with his friends. We had done our research and thought we knew what we wanted in a bike, but after searching for almost a year, we had yet to find someone who could build a bicycle to suit our son’s needs. Then we found Ali and his team at EBike BC.

From our initial contact through to the delivery of Henry’s new bike – every interaction was professional, confident and most importantly for us… very supportive! From the very beginning Ali’s confidence in his product and his ability to customize as needed to find Henry’s needs was wonderful. After hearing “sorry no, we can’t do that” for almost a year – it was amazing to meet someone who fully believed in not only his products – but in his team’s ability to make the products work for us. As Henry’s is the first child-sized bike Ali and his team had worked with, they went above and beyond spending countless hours sourcing and custom building parts, and learning how to best attach the components while ensuring the bike was not too “top heavy” and remained as stable as possible.

There are several specific aspects to Ali’s products that made it work for us:

– The modular design of the battery pack allowed the battery to fit on a 20” bike.
– The front wheel placement of the drive motor meant we could attach a set of Fat Wheels adaptive training wheels to the back wheels thereby providing the stability Henry needs.
– Ali adjusted to power output to provide Henry with the smallest amount of power assist needed to allow him to ride, while forcing him to use his muscles as much as he is able.
– The multiple safety features provide us with the confidence that the bicycle is safe for our son to ride.

We thank Ali and his team so very much for all their time, support and follow up… Henry loves his bike!

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