Val Aderichin (St. Catharines Ontario)

Just want to thank you Ali and team for a well thought out and well engineered ebike kit. I built a fat tire recumbent bike last spring and with the available gearing I found it quite a chore to get the 60 lb. bike up some of the hills in our area. I researched many kits online and discovered EbikeBC’s to be the perfect fit that I was looking for. I ordered the 500 watt front hub motor kit last summer and received it in a few short days. Installation was relatively straight forward even though this is a very unconventional bike. I had to make up a battery mount and also drill a small hole in each brake lever for the magnets. I remember the first time I rode it, I felt like superman even in assist level 1 or 2. I usually ride in level 1 assist for the exercise and with the 13AH battery get about 1hr. of riding time for each quarter of battery usage. Thank you for a great product and I would highly recommend this kit for anyone.

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