Rudy Pekau

Glad to have electric assist in my bikes and trikes, I have installed 14 kits into various bikes and trikes, recumbent and non recumbent, with 26 inch and 20 inch wheel sizes, 500W and 350 W, front and rear and all work fine. I started in 2016 and have logged 2100 km on the bikes [...]

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Brad (Calgary Alberta)

18 km one way commute to work was getting a bit sweaty at times. Tired of bringing along multiple changes of clothes and getting up earlier to make the ride on time and get cleaned up before everyone arrives at the office. Added a D50 kit to a 50$ bike I purchased off Kijiji (which [...]

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Had some issues to start but very good and attentive customer service. Since the initial problems got sorted the kit has worked like a dream. Would recommend this company.

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Bob and Annie Jacobs

I have converted two older Schwinn bikes. The first with a rear hub motor and the second with a front hub motor. The install was easier for the front hub and really can't notice the difference when riding the bikes. Support by email and chat was excellent. Ali was always available with advice and to [...]

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Ken Norwick

Calgary, Alberta (Boomer Bike) My completed eBike conversion of a 2013 Norco Indie commuter. The conversion was surprisingly easy, and I now have a new way of exploring my world. I'm 65 and weigh 230 lbs and needed enough power to pull me around comfortably. The 36 volt 500 watt conversion kit does this nicely. [...]

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Gary Smith

I have a disability that prevents riding a bicycle. I purchased a tricycle and researched multiple sites, eBay and so on. I purchased from another company and it never worked. I came across Ebikebc website and found a kit that works for me.I received the kit in three days and spent 3 hours assembling the [...]

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