Kevin Kindert

Love my e bike conversion, best thing is you can put it on a bike your comfortable on which I did . secondSecond it's my commuter bike now but I also just jump on it and can do the green trails around lostlake for the view and then to work, or to my shop , [...]

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Logan P.

I purchased 650-350W E Bike Kit Lizard Battery case Li-Ion Samsung Front Hub Motor. Kit was better than expected and customer service was excellent. Would buy again. July 1oth 2015

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Brenda S.

I am very pleased with my conversion kit and the service from eBikeBC. From the moment I ordered it, Alec was emailing me; genuinely concerned with the specs of my bike to make sure he sends me parts that will be compatible and the installation would be seamless. It gave me such confidence that I [...]

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Andrew Hazelden

I assembled the eBike kit on the day it arrived and in the three days since then have put over 120 km on the system. I'm really enjoying the kit you have put together and it is a lot of fun to use. The larger 14.5 Ah battery is really nice to have and I [...]

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Jack D.

I Purchased two 350W conversion kits. These kits easily adapted to our bikes. Very happy with the units and customer service. We live at the top of a hill so love the freedom it gives us to leave for long ride and return home to top of our hill with power to spare. Regards, Jack

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Joseph Ebrada

I have been on the market for a while looking for an ebike kit that will transform my old mountain bike to a commuter e-bike. There's a lot of choices out there and as a novice to the ebike conversion community it's easy to get lost and spend money on a kit that does not [...]

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Morrie P.

After looking around locally for an ebike I found on line. In fact I did find a nice model locally but the company never returned phone calls or answered emails. Not a good sign. This is the opposite of Alec at EbikeBC. From day one with the initial submitting of the online form outlining [...]

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Sharon F.

Thank you for the amazing bike you sold us. I absolutely love it and have had such a great experience so far. Before discovering you I had been to many stores in Vancouver, the bikes were all gorgeous but I could not afford any as they are very over priced. You offered me a great [...]

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