Got the conversion kit installed on a mountain bike and it's been a blast, stopped using my vehicle and now just rip around the city on my e-bike for pennies, well worth the money!

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Roy Max

Without a doubt, the best service I have gotten in my 75 years on the planet. They hadn't profited from the original sale of my ebike, having just recently taken over the brand. Nevertheless they went to the most extrordinary efforts to make good on some serious problems, including the rebuild of the battery (yes [...]

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P. Mirrett

Fallen in love with 'julie' all over again... purchased julie about 3 years ago whilst residing in fort langley- flat, country roads, lovely for riding a comfy cruiser. have since moved to hilly terrain. The combined age of my knees is 124 years. Took some electric bikes out for test rides and yes! A pedal assist [...]

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Kathi Worthen

Love my ebike kit from Ebikebc. I was looking for an ebike solution that wouldn't break the bank and would meet all my needs. After doing alot of online research I settled on the ebikebc kit, much cheaper than purchasing a complete E-bike, I could use one of my current bikes.I purchased in October 2016 [...]

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