Ed Santor

I did lots of research before deciding on EBIKEBC.. Being close to here was an added bonus. I decided to let EBIKE do the conversion.The kit would not be a problem to do the conversion at home for the average person. Kit is well thought out. The guys at Ebike or among the best in [...]

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James Berger

I bought an EbikeBC 350 watt front motor kit and had it installed on a new bike in June 2016, I have now ridden over 5000 km and it is still working great. Very enjoyable ride. My daily commute is 22 km (downtown to UBC and back). Great for the hills. Except for the hills [...]

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Conrad Chevalier

The ebikeBC kit is GREAT! I wanted something that would make my commute from East Van to North Van more manageable on a daily basis, and this does the trick. It does all the heavy lifting up those big hills and over the bridge. The kit itself is pretty straightforward, and the few hiccups I [...]

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