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Victoria is one of the most bike-friendly communities in North America. With amazing bike lanes and breathtaking views, the city is small enough to get everywhere with a bike. The only thing that makes this journey, even more, enjoyable is an electric bike.

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Light Folding Electric Bike 16in


ENVO ST 2020 Low entry step-thru


EbikeBC Geared Hub Motor Kits

Commuter and Sport E-Bikes

Victoria’s Best Selling E-Bike Conversion Kits

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  • For light pleasure and commuter  to heavy duty utility bicycles or tricycles

  • All inclusive with throttle, brake cut-off sensors and Pedal assist sensor with 5 levels of assist.

  • High-performance high torque and fast and street legal, 40 to 100km range

  • Continuous up-hills with 8-17% road grade

  • Super light weight electric bike components, only 6 to 8KG added weight 

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