Best Options for Charging your Electric Bikes

By Amirhosein Bagheripour

Jan 22, 2023

Best Options for Charging your Electric Bikes | EBIKEBC


Nowadays e-bikes are the most popular and usable equipment worldwide. They are faster, more reliable, and cheaper than electric cars; since every e-bike needs to be charged, a charger is an essential element in an electric bike; the e-bike is unable to function without a power source. As there is so much diversity in charger types for e-bikes, deciding what charger would be better for bike batteries to charge an electric can be difficult. There are some concerns about how to charge an electric bike, where to charge electric bike, or charging electric bike from a car battery. For instance, what watt hours, amp hours, battery voltage, or even battery range can be good for the battery life? Is lithium battery actually a rechargeable battery for electric bikes? This article can answer all the questions you may have.

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Ways to Charge an Ebike

Standard Outlet

One of the options for ebike charging that can help the batteries charge is a standard outlet such as a wall outlet. A portable ebike charger can be used nearly everywhere, from a garage to an office, and could have a place for an electric bike charger for all battery ranges. It can be a good gesture to ask about using a public area outlet from the business. These outlets can also charge all battery voltages from 48V battery to 120V. It can be good in the charging cycle of all electric devices, such as electric cars or electric bikes.


Solar Panel

Renewable energy, such as solar energy, can be a good choice for ebike charging cycles. Besides, this energy is versatile, cheaper, and even Eco-friendly. If you have access to the sunlight, all you need to do is to connect a 100 to 200-watt hour solar panel for charging e bike battery with inverter. To have efficiently transferred energy, ensure your e bike has a compatible connector or a generator to charge.



If you don’t know how to charge an electric bike yet, charging e bike battery with a generator can be a solution. A bike with a generator is an easy-to-use device. It is an element to connect an electric bike’s battery to a generator just by plugging one end of the charging cable into the generator. The more power output the generator has, the better the battery life is for an ebike charge. A portable charger for an electric bike or generator with the right wattage or amp hour will guarantee an uninterrupted and smooth adventure with the ebike!


Car Charger

An interesting fact about ebikes is that they can use a 120V battery charger. When charging, you can use this feature to plug your battery into a compatible receiver like charging electric bike from a car battery. If your car has a 120V power source battery outlet, set the ebike battery charger into it and turn the ignition on. Remember that a 48V battery can’t be helpful for the electric bike charging cycle. Then, for some hours, plug the bike batteries into the socket. It is going to happen by attaching an inverter to the car battery and charging e bike battery with inverter. Then, connect the inverter device to a power source. Plug the power source into the battery by the cables. Other options for charging are to use a power bank for ebike, ebike USB charger, a portable generator, a wall outlet, or a solar charger.


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When to Charge your Ebike Battery?

A brand-new e-bike may need up to 12 hours of charging time to make sure the bike battery is fully charged and functions normally. After that, it’s better to use ebike battery charging cycles between 20% and 80%.

As most electric bikes have light indicators, you will understand whether your electric bicycle needs to be charged or not. The light indicator turns red when the battery is getting low and the bike runs out of power source; then, ebike charging is an option. When the light is green, it means that ebike charging is done and the battery is fully charged. 

So once the red light shows up, all you need to do is to connect the charger to the battery. Ensure to turn off your battery before connecting it to a power supply. Within a few hours, the light will be green; you will understand the ebike battery charger is fully done.

Additionally, there are some reasons that you need to consider when using an electric bike charger: 

  • You want to ride an e-bike the very same or the next day
  • The electric bike gets less than 30-35 of battery capacity
  • The day before riding a long distance, you need it to be fully charged
  • You haven't used it for a long time
  • As long as the electric bike’s battery remains in a risk-free area
  • In some fashion e-bike models, the light on the batteries will blink while it is 100% charged.

Notice the ebike charging cycle; there is no need to be done after or before every single ride.


How Much Time does It Take to Charge an Electric Bicycle?

For charging an e-bike, it will take 3 to 6 hours to recharge based on a lithium-ion battery being fully used up. Charging batteries that have a partial charge will take less time than others. If you don’t want to wait till the last hours of charging and for the process of charging an electric while it is called top-off the cells to be completed, don’t you worry it's not going to be a problem. Some batteries charge in 2 to 3 hours until it is 90%.

Because of the variety of the battery range and capacity, it usually takes 500 to 800-watt hours to charge a battery. 


How Long Does an Electric Bike Charge Last?

After the ebike battery charger is done, you can ride your electric bike around 100 to 120 km on the standard electric bicycle. You can charge a single electric bike battery up to 500 times without losing capacity. But remember to use an ebike battery charger regularly for ebike charging and battery life.


How do Ebike Chargers Work?

Because ebike charger batteries are diverse based on the producer and the battery voltage they use, the amp hour watt hours for charging time or power source would be different for each electric bike. Also, there should be some guidelines you need to know and follow; they will help you with the battery charging cycle.

Here is one of the ways that you can use in order to ebike charging:

  • Bring out the battery pack from the electric bicycle
  • Turn off the battery switch
  • Connect the battery pack to the charger
  • Plug the electric bike’s battery into the outlet
  • Turn the plug on in order to start the ebike battery charger

You may be charging e bike battery with inverter, charging e bike battery with a generator, using a solar charger for ebike charging, or ebike USB charger in a way you don’t have any access to an outlet wall.


Last Words

You might be concerned about your electric bicycle, how to charge an electric bike, or where to charge electric bike. Would a portable charger or generator to charge an electric bike be helpful? Could a power bank for ebike, ebike USB charger or a bike with a generator be better? Does solar charger, car battery, or wall outlet help the function of battery life and charging cycle? There is no need to be worried as long as you read the guidelines about your ebike battery charger. So, enjoy your ride and have fun! Also, for more information check the ebike while camping out.


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Is there an inverter that I can use to charge my ebike using solar panels? I have a 48 volt 20 amph 3 pin connection on my battery.

Is there an inverter that I can use to charge my ebike using solar panels? I have a 48 volt 20 amph 3 pin connection on my battery.

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