Mastering Your ENVO Ebike Display: A User's Guide

By Haseeb Javed

Apr 30, 2024

Mastering Your ENVO Ebike Display: A User's Guide
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Welcome to the definitive guide on operating and customizing the ENVO Ebike's display. This display is found on Flex Series, 50 Series, and Stax Series. This blog aims to enhance your riding experience by detailing how to effectively manage settings, troubleshoot, and utilize the many features of your ebike's intelligent display system.

Key Features of the ENVO EBike Display

1. Display and Controls: The ENVO Ebike display features a TFT color LCD that is both intuitive and user-friendly. It includes four buttons for operation: on/off, information (i), plus/light (+), and minus/push-assist (-).

2. Power Management: The display operates on a 36V/48V power supply, with a low off-state leakage current of less than 1μA, ensuring minimal battery drain when not in use. For convenience, the system automatically turns off after few minutes of inactivity.

3. Essential Readouts: Upon activation, the display presents critical information like current speed, trip distance, battery state of charge (SOC), and selected assist level. It also offers extended metrics such as odometer (ODO), maximum speed, average speed, and trip time upon pressing the information button.

Fun Fact

You can read your motor and battery internal temperature directly on the display. This feature is crucial for monitoring conditions that might cause overheating. If the temperature gets too high, the bike's safety feature will automatically shut it off to prevent damage.




4. Assist Levels: Riders can adjust the assist level from 0 (no assistance) to 5 (maximum power), which helps in matching the motor output to the riding conditions.

Customization Options

1. Push-Assist Mode: This function aids in moving the ebike at a uniform speed of 4-6 Km/h without pedaling, ideal for pushing the bike up slopes or when maneuvering through areas where riding might be difficult.

2. Lighting Controls: The display allows you to easily turn on/off the bike’s headlight and backlight, enhancing visibility during night rides.

3. Battery Voltage and SOC Settings: Users can toggle between different voltage settings (36V/48V) and choose to view the battery level as a voltage value or percentage.

4. Advanced Settings Access: For deeper customization, such as adjusting the PAS ratio, wheel diameter, speed limits, and more, the display provides a secure settings menu protected by a power-on password.

Safety and Maintenance

1. Error Code Indication: The ENVO EBike continuously monitors the system's health and displays error codes if any issues arise, helping you address potential problems before they affect your ride.

2. General and Factory Settings: The display offers options to reset trip data, toggle between metric and imperial units, adjust screen brightness, and even restore factory settings if needed.

Practical Tips

  • Regularly Check Setup: Before each ride, ensure your display settings such as assist level, lighting, and battery voltage are adjusted to your preference.
  • Monitor Battery and Speed: Keep an eye on the battery SOC and speed readouts to manage your energy usage and ensure you're riding within safe speed limits.
  • Secure with Passwords: Utilize the password protection feature to secure your ebike's settings and prevent unauthorized access.


The ENVO EBike display on your ENVO Ebike is designed to enhance your riding experience by providing a rich set of features that you can tailor to meet your needs. Whether you're commuting, on a leisure ride, or tackling rough terrains, understanding and using your display's capabilities will make your journey smoother and more enjoyable. So, power up your display and set off on your next adventure with confidence and control!


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