Amazing Clearance Deals on D35, ST Ebikes & Conversion Kits Liquidation.

By Haseeb Javed

May 24, 2024

BC E-Bike Rebates coming back in 2024? Leiendo Amazing Clearance Deals on D35, ST Ebikes & Conversion Kits Liquidation. 2 minutos

Calling all ebike enthusiasts! ENVO recently announced a strategic shift, focusing its efforts on the wildly successful 50 series and Stax ebikes. This means the incredible D35, ST, and Conversion Kits, once ENVO's champions, are being discontinued. But fret not, loyal fans! This presents a golden opportunity you won't want to miss.

ENVO's Legacy of Innovation

For years, the ENVO D35, ST, and Conversion Kits have been best-sellers, instrumental in propelling ENVO to new heights. They played a key role in ENVO's journey, even earning them a coveted spot on Deloitte's Fast 50 list of North America's fastest-growing companies. A huge shoutout to these amazing products!


Don't Miss Out: Unbeatable Deals at EbikeBC!

The good news? EbikeBC is running a massive liquidation sale on these discontinued ENVO products! This is your chance to snag a fantastic deal on the D35, ST, or Conversion Kit before they're gone for good. These are unbeatable prices – the deal of the year!

ENVO Supports Existing Customers

While ENVO is shifting gears, they remain committed to their existing customers. They'll continue to fully support and honor warranties on the D35, ST, and Conversion Kits for years to come. That's excellent customer service!



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