Ordering questions

All you ever wanted to know about Ebikes is right here!


Are you a participating SCRAP-IT program for old car scrap incentives in BC?

Yes, initiate your paperwork and join us to find the right electric bike!

Do you offer event sales or off-season discounts?

We never keep products in stock for long. As a result, we typically don’t have aged or out of fashion goods left to put on sale. On the other hand, we are keeping the sales margin as low as possible throughout the whole year to keep the best value and deals in North America, guaranteed. Contact us if you feel you need to get a better deal for a particular product.

Do you offer help, parts or repair service for electric bikes purchased elsewhere/ from other brands?

We will try our best to help. Technically we can replace, refurbish or repair Electric bike Li-Ion batteries of any brand. You need to share details such as Voltage, Capacity in Ah, shape and size of battery.

For motor and controller issues you need to contact us and share details. Sometimes the labor wouldn’t be worth and we might recommend parts replacement.

How can I compare electric bikes on your website?

We try to make the decision making process as simple as possible. You can start with style and look of the ebikes, then read through specs and options. Some products are customizable for some specs or features. In the end if you have special concerns, questions or comments before ordering you are welcome to contact us

Where can I find reviews published on your electric bikes?

Find or post testimonials or customers’ reviews.

Visit or share stories on http://facebook.com/ebikebc

What TAX should I pay on my purchase?

US buyers pay no tax, however might be charged duties for some made in Canada products due to regulation changes.

Canadian buyers pay GST or HST, based on the province they live in.
BC buyers pay GST+PST on kits, parts and ebikes. Bikes with conversion takes 5% GST on all and 7%PST on conversion kit only.

QC buyers Pay QST-GST
MB buyers Pay GST-PST MB

How long will my order take to arrive?

Everything will be shipped from Vancouver local inventory. It takes 1 to 3 business days for orders to be processed, tested, packed and picked up by curriers.

To US Destinations:
Delivery in 4 — 6 days

To Canada Destinations:
Local (British Columbia) — 1-2 days
Canada central and West — up to 3 days
Canada EAST — 5-7 days

How much is the shipping cost if I order online?

Some products like conversion kits offer free-shipping throughout the US and Canada.

A flat charge of 99C$ applies for Canada-wide delivery of electric bikes.

Electric bikes to US may require up to 69C$ more; we will contact you in the event of such an increase in shipping cost.

Parts and spares including sensors, controllers, batteries have a Flat 20C$ delivery charge for Canada and US. (Bulkier items like hub motor wheels may be more)

Where can I buy spare or replacement parts?

If the part is listed in our online parts store, you’re good to order from there.  Otherwise email us about the parts, repairs or services that you require.

I can’t reach your store or dealers, what happens in the event of a problem?

Each product has enough literature and videos for owners guide, manual or troubleshooter which have been developed based on years of products’ after sales service experience. You will have access to us for assistance much easier than a local shop:

1-Read website support and FAQ
2- Share your questions and problem at https://ebikebc.com/forums/
3- Email us
4- Get an instant help form website live chat
5- Call us (Pacific Time working hours applies)
6- If required add Skype ID “ebikebc” to video chat. (Pacific Time working hours applies)

I can’t reach your store or dealers, how do I purchase?

Electric bikes:
EbikeBC is an online store and service center. You can select and order online your desired electric bike. You can inquire e-bikes to help you select the right e-bike.

Conversion kits:
If you know the system and components which fit on your bicycle, you can select and configure your conversion kit and order online. You can inquire conversion kits to help you recommend the right kit configuration.

Parts or Repairs:
If the part is listed in our online parts store, good to go; otherwise email us for the parts, repairs or service you require..

Can I try the ebike before ordering?

You are most welcome to come by and test ride various versions. If you are located within the BC Lower mainland or in areas where an EbikeBC dealer is within reach, you can contact us in advance.

What’s the difference between a cheaper ebike and a more expensive ebike that goes up to $10,000?

Battery cells brand, depreciation, and production date is a big deal. There is a calendar life on Li-Ion batteries; you don’t want to surprise yourself with a dead battery which costs 50% of the value after a year or so.

Li-Ion battery packs can be quite cheaper and more dangerous if not being manufactured under certain standards, qualifications or inspection. There have been many catastrophic battery explosions in Canada and the US in the past year due to poor quality battery packs that have been supplied under famous brands like Panasonic. You might like to pay more for digital and display features, brand names, high end bicycle components especially for suspension mountain bikes; however the weight, durability, performance and the quality of motor/controller/battery will not vary much.

How much should I spend with you to get a reliable commuter electric bike?

We believe in good quality and safe products. It is proven that you will not be able to find high quality grade, service, warranty, or performance if you are looking at a motor/battery system under $1100, or an electric bike under $1800. Geared hub motor electric bikes range from $2000 to $3000. These meet bicycle parts and electric system standards, and are considered as reliable.

If using a high brand mid-drive motor system such as Bosch, Shimano, etc. you need to make sure not to trade the bicycle quality with the motor brand in lower price bracket.

Where are your electric bikes and motor system made?

Our geared hub motor/controllers in our conversion kits are designed in Canada based on North American requirements. The frame and bicycles are made in different countries including China, Taiwan and Canada depending on the brand. Our company supervises the quality control over production lines for safety and quality assurance. The Li-Ion batteries are from Japan or Korea, and the packs are manufactured in Canada, Hong Kong or China, depending on the model.

Which electric bike is best for me? How do I choose the right product?

Find the right bicycle type for your physical shape and kind of application (Mountain bike, hybrid, upright, step-thru, cruiser, recumbent, Tandem, Delta trike, recumbent trike, etc.).

This should be concluded by you with the help of your health advisers. We can give you some guidelines by looking at various electric power assist systems.

If you are new to ebikes, the best way is to let us choose what’s right for you. Fill out this form if you are looking for a complete electric bike.
Know which bicycle frame and style you’d like. This will get us one step closer to choosing which motor system is best for you:

Mid-drive system:
The best power system for mountain bikers, and for full suspension bikers who do rock jumping.

The motor drives the crank independent from the pedals. The power adds up with pedaling and transmitted to the rear cogs through the bike’s chain or belt. The motor is attached to the frame and the wheels are light.

There are retrofit able versions of mid-drive motors which can be installed on existing bike bottom bracket. Don’t use such system unless you really want to do mountain biking or concern about the weight of wheel.

Note: Power through transmission always reduces reliability and durability of the e-bike, no matter what quality motor you purchase.

Bosch, Shimano STEP, Yamaha, Brose, are the most famous crank motor brands known today. You can only get these motor integrated with an electric bike’s frame and not as a retrofit. The price on these systems is high and they have some performance limitations due to increase reliability and enhanced safety.

Hub motor system:
The best option to go for urban rides.
If you need a reliable commuter or pleasure ebike for city or trails.
The motor is in the center of the wheel.

Are lighter, more reliable, durable, and maintenance free. (Read this article for more details)
NOTE: We have direct hub motors like BionX which is known as a high end Canadian brand for over 10 years. They are smooth, silent powerful and reliable.

Friction motor:
Small high speed motor with a rubber pinion which spins the tire by friction
We don’t think this can be a solid electric bike solution due to the high noise, lack of freewheeling, wearing tire, low efficiency and range and low reliability.

Fill out this form if you are looking for a conversion kit. You need to provide details such as your weight, expected range, road condition and riding attitude.

What warranty do you offer on your ebikes?

It varies by product:

Most e-bikes – 1 year bike & electric system. Also 2nd years motor/battery system optional for purchase 60C$
EbikeBC kits – 1year free, 2nd year option 60C$