What controls are used in eBikes?

In addition to the motor and batteries, all e-bikes and conversion kits have some electronic modules to drive and control the toque, speed, and power of the motor. These modules also ensure the proper motor working condition of the motor which is typically brushless DC motors.

There is an interface display to switch on-off, set the level of assist and see the charge status of the battery. Usually the logics and programs are loaded to this part which can be called computer/interface of the e-bike.

In most systems, you can set or change some basic settings, see the speed, mileage, power, voltage and a lot more as well as error codes in case of a failure.

A pedal assist sensor (PAS) signals the controller to run the motor providing a boost to your pedalling depending on the level of assist you select while riding

A thumb throttle which gives you extra power is best and exists in most of our products which activate the motor proportionally to the twist no matter you pedal or not to give you a fully electric ride in case you cannot pedal or need an instant acceleration or uphill push.

Switches called brake cut-off sensors are provide to cut off the power whenever the brake levers are squeezed. It is a double safety feature for panic stops and not a mandatory device. This switch can call regenerative mode of the controller if equipped.

To learn more about each individual specs select the product and see details.

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