Which electric bike is best for me? How do I choose the right product?

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  • Find the right bicycle type for your physical shape and kind of application (Mountain bike, hybrid, upright, step-thru, cruiser, recumbent, Tandem, Delta trike, recumbent trike, etc.).
    • This should be concluded by you with the help of your health advisers. We can give you some guidelines by looking at various electric power assist systems.
    • If you are new to ebikes, the best way is to let us choose what’s right for you. Fill out this form if you are looking for a complete electric bike.
  • Know which bicycle frame and style you’d like. This will get us one step closer to choosing which motor system is best for you:
    • Mid-drive system:
      • The best power system for mountain bikers, and for full suspension bikers who do rock jumping.
      • The motor drives the crank independent from the pedals. The power adds up with pedaling and transmitted to the rear cogs through the bike’s chain or belt. The motor is attached to the frame and the wheels are light.
      • There are retrofit able versions of mid-drive motors which can be installed on existing bike bottom bracket. Don’t use such system unless you really want to do mountain biking or concern about the weight of wheel.
        • Note: Power through transmission always reduces reliability and durability of the e-bike, no matter what quality motor you purchase.
    • Bosch, Shimano STEP, Yamaha, Brose, are the most famous crank motor brands known today. You can only get these motor integrated with an electric bike’s frame and not as a retrofit. The price on these systems is high and they have some performance limitations due to increase reliability and enhanced safety.
    • Hub motor system:
      • The best option to go for urban rides.
      • If you need a reliable commuter or pleasure ebike for city or trails.
      • The motor is in the center of the wheel.
      • Are lighter, more reliable, durable, and maintenance free. (Read this article for more details)
        • NOTE: We have direct hub motors like BionX which is known as a high end Canadian brand for over 10 years. They are smooth, silent powerful and reliable.
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      • Small high speed motor with a rubber pinion which spins the tire by friction
      • We don’t think this can be a solid electric bike solution due to the high noise, lack of freewheeling, wearing tire, low efficiency and range and low reliability.

Fill out this form if you are looking for a conversion kit. You need to provide details such as your weight, expected range, road condition and riding attitude.

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