AVENTON LEVEL 2 VS. ENVO D35 Comprehensive Review

By Amirhosein Bagheripour

Jan 27, 2023

AVENTON LEVEL 2 VS. ENVO D35 Comprehensive Review


If you're in the market for a new ebike, you might be feeling overwhelmed by all the options out there. To help you make an informed decision, we've decided to compare two popular models: the ENVO D35 and the Aventon Level 2. In this post, we'll provide a brief overview of each ebike and highlight some of the key technical features to consider. We hope this comparison helps you narrow down your choices and find the perfect ebike for your needs.

ENVO D35 Electric Bike | EBIKEBC


PRICE: $2,679 CAD - $2,099 USD




500W 60Nm geared hub motor


ENVO E-Assist System


460Wh Panasonic Lithium Ion



ENVO D35 Quality Scores | EBIKEBC

 TOTAL SCORE: 85/100

Aventon Level 2 Electric Bike | EBIKEBCAventon Level 2 

PRICE: $2,799 CAD - $2,213 USD




500W rear hub motor, 1-5 PAS Torque Sensor


Aventon OEM


Lithium-ion 48V,14Ah (672Wh) with Samsung Cells



Aventon Level 2 Quality Scores | EBIKEBC





The looks of a product have a lot to do with a customer's inclination to investigate it more. In designing the D35 Electric Bicycle, Envo has resorted to its designers' creativity and came up with a modern, aesthetically pleasant ebike. Aventon uses a different design language but is considered as a leader when it comes to look according to us. One big difference between both bikes is that ENVO uses a non-integrated battery in D35 whileAventon's battery is fully integrated into the overall bike frame.  



The ENVO D35 is designed to cater to a wide range of customers by offering three different sizes, while the Aventon Level 2 only has two size options available. This means that the ENVO D35 is better able to accommodate riders of different ages and genders, while the Aventon Level 2 may not provide as comfortable of a riding experience for some users.



Both the ENVO D35 and the Aventon Level 2 are classified as Class 2 e-bikes. While they have similar levels of performance and torque, the ENVO D35 has a lighter weight which allows it to require less power to pedal and provides a faster ride, even on steep hills. This difference in weight can have a significant impact on the overall performance of the e-bike.



While both the ENVO D35 and the Aventon Level 2 have similar range capabilities, the ENVO D35 has a more efficient electrical system and a more finely tuned bike structure. This results in overall higher efficiency compared to the Aventon Level 2. The latter's higher weight also negatively affects its efficiency. Overall, the ENVO D35 offers a more efficient riding experience.



The ENVO D35 receives a higher score due to its user-friendly color TFT display, which allows for customization and provides access to parameter settings, monitoring, visualization, and self-diagnostics. This display can be easily accessed while riding to check for speed or any potential issues with the bike. In contrast, the Aventon Level 2's colorful LCD display does not offer the same level of customization.



Both the Aventon Level 2 and the ENVO D35 have used high-quality components in their construction. However, the Aventon Level 2 loses points for its non-branded hydraulic brakes and the lack of an adjustable handlebar. In contrast, the ENVO D35 boasts a modular frame, as well as branded hydraulic brakes and adjustable handlebars.



Both the Aventon Level 2 and the ENVO D35 feature hydraulic disc brakes for premium braking performance. These brakes are capable of handling a variety of riding conditions, whether in a busy urban area or on rough terrain. Both manufacturers understand the importance of reliable brakes and have chosen to use hydraulic disc systems to ensure that they function smoothly and effectively. The ENVO D35 uses branded brakes for added peace of mind.



  Weight is an important factor to consider when choosing an e-bike, especially if you plan on using it for long distances. The ENVO D35 stands out in this regard as it is one of the lightest e-bikes on the market. This lighter weight also makes it easier to transport and store the bike when not in use. In comparison, the Aventon Level 2 may be more difficult to maneuver and store due to its heavier frame and accessories.



Both Envo and Aventon dealers are scattered throughout North America. In fact, using industry-standard mechanical and structural parts in building D35 and Aventon Level 2 means easy access and a reasonable price for getting them at almost every store. But a plus point for the Envo D35 ebike is its modular design, making its parts more easily accessible and serviceable.  


Access to Service Centers

ENVO D35 and Aventon have dealers across North America, which is considered a big plus. Easy access to service centers that offer professional maintenance and repair services occupies the minds of many potential e-bike buyers. Proprietary service centers and certified dealers of manufacturing brands are always better to refer to when your e-bike needs repair. 



Rear carriers and fenders are some of the accessories shared between the two models. Still, whereas Envo D35 uses brake triggered brake light, Aventon doesn't have any integrated rear light or a suspension seat post. Envo D35's brake light is a further safety assurance in the first case. In addition, its suspension sear post ensures you experience more comfortable riding when on bumpy or rough terrain.  



Weight is a game-changer on many occasions, especially if you plan for an extensive riding routine. Compared to Aventon Level 2, with its heavier and bulkier structure.



Both the ENVO D35 and the Aventon Level 2 have utilized hub motors and transmission systems in their design. Hub motors are sealed and have the advantage of being able to provide power to the bike even if the chain were to break. This makes them a reliable and practical choice for e-bikes. Both manufacturers have put effort into selecting the best components for their models, including these hub motors, to ensure a high-performing and reliable ride.



While it's true that investing in a higher quality product often comes with a higher price tag, it's worth considering the long-term value of the product. In this case, the ENVO D35 and the Aventon Level 2 are priced similarly, but the ENVO D35 uses higher quality parts and offers additional features. This means that, even though the initial cost may be the same, the ENVO D35 may provide better value in the long run due to its superior components and added features.



To get the best value for the price you pay on an ebike, you need to compare your favorite models thoroughly. Pinning the Envo D35 electric bicycle against Aventon Level 2, we discussed the main advantages and disadvantages of both electric bikes.

In conclusion, both the ENVO D35 and the Aventon Level 2 are high-quality e-bikes with their own unique features and benefits. The ENVO D35 stands out for its user-friendly display, efficient electrical system, and lightweight frame, while the Aventon Level 2 offers a colorful LCD display and robust components. Ultimately, the best e-bike for you will depend on your personal preferences and priorities. Carefully consider the technical details and features of each model to determine which one is the best fit for your needs.


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