Best Trails to ride your E-Bike around Toronto, Ontario

By Haseeb Javed

Aug 17, 2023

Best Trails to ride your E-Bike around Toronto, Ontario


Embarking on two wheels to explore your surroundings is a liberating experience, and with the rise of electric bicycles (e-bikes), that adventure becomes even more exhilarating. E-bikes open up a world of possibilities, allowing you to traverse most roads and highways where traditional bicycles roam. However, like any adventure, there are guidelines to follow. In this guide, we'll navigate through the terrain of e-bike regulations, showing you the roads that welcome you with open arms and the ones where caution is advised. Let's dive into the intricate paths of e-bike exploration, unveiling where your ride can truly take you.

While your e-bike can accompany you on the majority of paths, there are roads that should remain uncharted. These include certain provincial controlled access highways, such as the renowned 400 series, the Queen Elizabeth Way, and the Queensway in Ottawa, or even the Kitchener-Waterloo Expressway. Furthermore, it's essential to be mindful of municipal regulations. While many roads and paths invite e-bike exploration, there are instances where local bylaws prohibit their presence, encompassing municipal roads, sidewalks, bike paths, trails, and lanes.

The following trails are open to Bikes and E-Bikes in GTA, Ontario.

Trail Name: Jefferson – MTB Trail

Location: 1245 Bethesda Side Rd. Richmond Hill

Trail Length: 12 km

Difficulty: Intermediate to Advanced

Description: Jefferson Forest on Stouffville Rd. offers a dynamic cycling experience for intermediate to advanced riders. Located just off Hwy 404 in Richmond Hill, this trail has been a cherished spot for local cyclists. Despite urban pressures, it continues to provide a space for riders to enjoy exhilarating rides through changing landscapes.

Trail Name: Palgrave – MTB / Park Trail

Location: 17580 Duffy's Lane, Palgrave

Trail Length: 22 km

Difficulty: Intermediate

Description: Palgrave Forest is a hidden gem for MTB enthusiasts near Toronto's west side. With its extensive network of cross-country tracks, this forested area provides an intense and cardio-focused ride. The continuous loop format ensures an exhilarating ride experience for those seeking a challenge.

Trail Name: Nokiidaa – Park Trail

Location: Aurora to Newmarket

Trail Length: 18 km

Difficulty: Easy

Description: The Nokiidaa (Tom Taylor) bike trail, though less recognized, is a popular cycling path from Aurora to Newmarket. This park trail, following the creek that transforms into the Holland River, offers a scenic journey through valleys, wooded areas, and subdivisions. Well-maintained and smooth, this trail promises a pleasant and family-friendly ride.

Trail Name: Whitby Waterfront – Park Trail

Location: Whitby to Oshawa

Trail Length: 19 km

Difficulty: Easy

Description: Embark on a summer cycling adventure along the 19 km Whitby Waterfront trail, providing breathtaking views along the shores of Lake Ontario. With its meandering path through open fields, parklands, and wetlands, this trail offers a perfect opportunity for a leisurely cycle with family and friends.

Trail Name: Rouge Valley – Park Trail

Location: Markham

Trail Length: 12 km

Difficulty: Easy

Description: Markham's Rouge Valley trail offers a surprising and enjoyable 12 km bike cruise. Following Bruce Creek into the upper Rouge River tributaries, this trail takes you through a diverse landscape of ponds, a lake, bridges, and dams, providing a delightful park trail experience.

Trail Name: Ajax Waterfront – Park Trail

Location: Lake View Drive, Ajax

Trail Length: 13 km

Difficulty: Easy

Description: The Ajax Waterfront trail boasts some of the finest waterfront park trail sections along Lake Ontario's east side. Offering scenic views and a predominantly paved surface, this section is a great choice for a family-friendly ride. The trail winds along the top of low cliffs, providing both a picturesque route and occasional hills.

Trail Name: Birkdale – Park Trail

Location: Scarborough, Toronto

Trail Length: 7 km (+10 km alternative routes)

Difficulty: Easy

Description: Located in the heart of Scarborough, the Birkdale Trail follows the West Highland Creek for 5 km. While a short cycle on its own, intersecting routes can extend your journey by 12 km. With its ease and accessibility, this park trail offers a suitable option for an epic ride.

Trail Name: Harbourfront – Park Trail

Location: Queens Quay, Toronto

Trail Length: 9 km

Difficulty: Easy

Description: The Martin Goodman bike path along Lake Ontario's shoreline presents the iconic 9 km Harbourfront Park Trail. This beloved ride takes you through Toronto's evolving waterfront, providing a plethora of sights, activities, and resting spots. Ideal for both locals and tourists, this park trail promises an epic and memorable cycling experience.

Trail Name: Highland Creek – Park Trail

Location: Scarborough, Toronto

Trail Length: 7 km

Difficulty: Easy

Description: Discover the scenic charm of Highland Creek Park along a 7 km trail, especially enchanting during the fall season. The easy, paved route follows the creek, winding up and around Kingston Rd. and Morningside Park before leading back to Lake Ontario. The trail features bridges and flowing paths, creating a peaceful cycling experience.

Trail Name: Rouge Waterfront – Park Trail

Location: Port Union to Pickering, GTA

Trail Length: 9 km

Difficulty: Easy

Description: The Waterfront Trail system's best sections lie on Toronto's east side, extending into Pickering. This serene and scenic 9 km paved park trail offers tranquil views of Lake Ontario while crossing over Highland Creek and the Rouge River. Ideal for leisurely rides and appreciation of the natural surroundings.

Trail Name: Granger Greenway – Park Trail

Location: Kleinburg, Vaughan

Trail Length: 8 km

Difficulty: Intermediate

Description: Explore the Granger Greenway, an 8 km park trail in Kleinburg that has recently undergone a name change. Nestled within the valleys where the upper reaches of the Humber River and Cold Creek meet, this trail promises one of the most scenic park rides in the province. Its beauty and charm make it a must-visit destination for cycling enthusiasts.

Trail Name: Don Valley – MTB Trail – BMX

Location: Pottery Rd. & Bayview, Toronto

Trail Length: Varies

Difficulty: Moderate - Advanced

Description: Crothers Woods in the Don Valley is a haven for mountain bikers and BMX riders alike. As Toronto's premier MTB spot, this trail network has seen continuous improvement over the years, transforming from a hiking trail into a safe and flowing system. Thanks to the efforts of organizations like IMBA, it now offers a thrilling ride experience for all skill levels.

Trail Name: Oak Ridge – Park Trail

Location: 12611 Yonge St., Richmond Hill

Trail Length: 8 km

Difficulty: Intermediate

Description: The Oak Ridge Corridor trail, located just north of Toronto in Richmond Hill, offers an exciting biking opportunity. Formerly a favored hiking path, this trail has been upgraded to accommodate cyclists. With its central location and east-west route through woodlots, fields, and by lakes, this trail promises a delightful journey for riders of various levels.

Trail Name: Upper Don – Park Trail

Location: Toronto

Trail Length: 9 km

Difficulty: Easy to Intermediate

Description: Experience the shady beauty of the Upper East Don River on this 9 km park trail located in the northern part of Toronto. Providing a serene cycling experience through ravines, this trail is perfect for a relaxing outing, especially for those seeking a brief escape from city life. The path follows the meandering course of the Don River, offering a tranquil and enjoyable ride.





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